Your Ultimate Night Out Checklist

Ah, the pure excitement of a big night out. Whether you’re heading out to an event with your other half or going clubbing with the girls, you know you’re going to want to look on point.Β Getting ready can be half the fun of an evening on the town, let’s be honest. Once you’re there knowing that you look the part can be a serious confidence boost. However, if you want to ensure that you’re not having a massive meltdown five minutes before you leave the house (we’ve all been there, right ladies?), Here’s a few tips for the ultimate pre-night out routine.


If you are partial to a bit of fake tan now and again, you’ll know that there’s no better time to do it than for a night out. No one can deny that the sunkissed look is a winner – it makes you look healthy and glowing, as though you’ve just come back from a celeb-inspired holiday in the Med. But if you can avoid it, never fake tan on the day. Why? Well, there are quite a few reasons why. First off, most fake tan has a bit of an odour to it, no matter how much the brand has tried to mask it with fragrance. Tanning a couple of hours before you go out means you could be at risk of carrying that ‘fake tan smell’ around with you all night. Secondly, even the most experienced tanner encounters a few streaks from time to time. Get your tanning done a couple of days before your night out and you will be assured that any streaks or patches you have will have faded in time.Β 



A huge part of a night out is what you do with your hair. Even if you’re the kind of gal who just runs a bit of mousse through it and hopes for the best in the daytime, doing your hair for a night out can be a lot of fun. Glamour is the name of the game here, so your hair needs to be shiny, voluminous and flowing. Never try and style your hair when it’s freshly washed, as it will simply fall through your fingers. Instead, style two day old hair ahead of your night out, as it will hold much better. If you’re lacking in length, try adding some extensions or a wig from somewhere like Celeb Wigs. This takes all the hassle out of your preparation too, leaving you with more time to focus on your hair and makeup!17160517_1753498674979067_1371526646_n.jpg



The average night out makeup routine has developed hugely in recent years, thanks to the influence of online beauty gurus and high end brands at affordable prices. If you’ve seen a lot you want to rock for your evening out, try and find a tutorial that covers it. Makeup is a skill and while no one is born with that skill, everyone has the capability to learn it. Equip yourself with the right brushes and products and you’ll be able to get that face looking on fleek in no time.




And most importantly have an amazing night!

What’s on your night out checklist?

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    • Abbey March 8, 2017 / 2:14 pm

      I’m terrible at tanning but i love to do it! A x

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