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Hey dolls,

Yesterday i went to the beach with my family and decided to take my camera along with me, i’ve been needing some blogging inspiration lately and hoped the sea air would clear my mind and give me lot’s of new ideas. So todays post is about my little trip. 

I live close to a lot of beaches which i feel quite lucky about to be honest. It’s my fave place ever, whether it’s beautiful and sunny or drab, wet and windy. It’s just such a calming, beautiful place to be. I always go when i need to clear my head, have some me time or when the weather is lush and i want a tan.

My anxiety has been terrible lately, and when i say terrible i mean, awful. I’ve been sat indoors so much because going out is just too much for me to handle. But i know i have to push myself so i try to get out the house as much as possible. I say whilst writing this in bed heh. The beach is the one place i know will calm me down and make me relaxed.


I decided to sit on the wall with my camera in my hand whilst the others went to the amusements. I just wanted some space and to take some photos. I’m defiantly not a pro photographer but i do enjoy taking snaps when out and about. Can’t just be for selfies ay? heh heh.

It was’t sunny, it did rain for a bit and yes i did sit on a wet wall and get a wet bum, i didn’t care though, walking round like i’ve wet myself? No cares given at this precise point. The sea was really choppy and the tide was high (Which is basically my fave) At one point i did get sea splashed, and i stood in a puddle with fabric shoes, the joys. It’s just breathtaking watching the waves crash right in front of you.


The fact there was surfers in the sea made me feel even more cold, it must have been freezing?! I’ve never surfed in my life but i actually want to. I could be like some beach babe. (Who then falls off, and maybe drowns, i can’t swim well) I think i will wait on trying  that for a while! I do go bodyboarding when the weathers nicer because it’s pretty fun. And maybe a little more safer. On ma belly riding the wave like, they see me rollin’ they hatin. The level of coolness is just off the radar.

The one thing that makes me rather sad is i didn’t get ice cream, i’m on a stupid diet and attempting to cut back on the unhealthy stuff, oh my it broke my heart to walk past 3 ice cream vans. I could have cried. My dad even offered to buy me Mcdonalds but i said no, yeah someone call 911. Abbey the McDonalds lover who has at one point had it everyday for a week said no. NO?! I’ve gained a tonne of weight recently and i’m pretty sure my unhealthy habits are whole heartedly to blame. So thanks, but no thanks!

IMG_4095This photo of me and my sister with my nieces makes me genuinely want to hide my existence. I look like a sloth ahaha, that little topknot doesn’t help but i was lazy and just chucked it all on top of my head. I’m literally creasing at my face, it was bright so i was like, squinting and smiling with full blown hamster cheeks. It does crack me up this photo, no cares given. My nieces were totally not in the mood for photos either, but they did cherp up when they were bought donuts which again i didn’t have! I’m totally winning at this diet malarky right now. Until i decide i want chocolate and it goes out the window along with my dreams of being skinny again.. I felt like a puppy looking at a bone not having any treats, why why why?!?! 🙁 🙁 🙁

After visiting my grandad and seeing my nan i went home, got in bed and started editing photos, which i’m really beginning to hate. Self portraits are easy peasy but landscapes are so much more technical and boring. Uhhh. I did some workouts too, then i did genuinely collapse on the bed, face timed my best friend asking to send help then fell asleep. The struggle was real.

Lot’s of love,

A x





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