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Hello there wonderfuls! 

I’m doing a different kind of blog post today,bits a review on Too faced cosmetics, but not in a specific product but the brand overall. 

I’ve never done a post like this but I feel the need to. I’m going to review a brand every month and leave links the the website for you. 

I prefer to buy off websites I know a little bit about, I love reading other bloggers reviews before buying a product. 

(If zoella loves it then I’m pretty sure I will too, she rates the born this way foundation so I am pretty keen to buy!) 

Although there are two of the products I own! Love them both! The colour bomb goes tingly and makes your lips more plump and looks gorgeous. The Amazing face powder it what I use practically everyday, has good coverage and sets my foundation perfectly.

The designs of the products is so quirky and cute, as silly as it sounds when I buy something the packaging and design has a big part of that. I’m a sucker to pretty things and the girly designs of too faced get me everytime. 

I find that looking on Instagram etc, the products photograph so well because it’s so beautiful. 

One of the products I’d love to get my hands on is the melted lipsticks and the Born this way foundation. I see a lot of reviews on these two products and need to invest in them! Ive read that the foundation has good coverage too which for me is important. 

 I’ve also heard great reviews on their face and eye primers. I just want to buy everything!  (Each picture is looking need to the website, just click) 

I’ve never had any problems buying off too faced, although there is shipping taxes to the uk but personally it’s totally worth it. They always have good offers on and the website too is gorgeous design. 

You usually get a promo code just for signing up to be a member, they’re definitely a highly successful business in the makeup industry, they’re super friendly and they take pride in their customer service.

I also love that they give two free samples with orders, there’s nothing I love more than free samples! Usually if I like it I will then buy it. I love to try before I buy, who doesn’t?!  And they are decent samples too, good size and good quality, couldn’t ask for anything more! 

They have sale items occasionally too where I tend to lose all self control and go crazy. I’m a sale aholic which isn’t even a word but hey it is now! 

Check them out! See what you think for yourself or if you already love them them let me know what you think! 

Abbey xo



  1. chewybeauty December 19, 2015 / 2:48 am

    Just wanted to let you know that they have a melted lipstick and blush holiday set that I got to try out the lipsticks and love! I also have the foundation and I really like it, but I have to powder well since I have combo skin! Great post I love this brand review idea =)

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