This Season I’m Loving: SNAKE PRINT HEELS

Good afternoon you beauty!

Todays post is something, you don’t typically see a lot of on my blog. Fashion related posts. Now i know it’s something i haven’t really talked about i feel that my love for fashion needs a home on my site.

Okay lets talk shoes, i am in la la love with small chunky heels. Being nearly 6ft means that i am already walking with my head in the clouds (literally) without heels. What tall girls can relate? There comes a point in your life when you’re on a night out or at an occasion wearing a pair of stilettos which are higher than your ex boyfriends standards, are just not what you need at this current moment in time. The blisters, the feet that feel like you’ve walked across the country and the pure struggle to walk in a straight line without toppling over and ending up on the floor.  Personally this life just isn’t the one for me. Being so tall and wearing a pair of black killer heels one night a few years ago, i can remember being introduced to someone who’s reaction was to look around trying to find me before tilting his head up in the air saying ‘oh there she is’ Trust me when i say this was not funny at the time. Yep it’s cool, i’m just the human skyscraper.

So when i was in river island before christmas, looking for some party shoes for them festive nights throughout christmas. I was delighted to see this pair of heels with a small chunky heel and pointed toes. I fell in love. The only issue was they were snake print. At the time i was sceptical but they grew on me. To my delight they actually looked really nice and classy. They were the type of shoes every girl needs. Easy to walk in, comfortable and still more glam than a pair of flats.


Since the i got these shoes a few months ago, i’ve been smitten with them. I wear them for meals out, going out and even during the day when i need to look smart. (most days i’m lazy) And i actually now really like snake print. It’s rather vogue i must say!


So yeah, this months fashion fave is snake print, especially shoes! I think it’s a design you either love or hate. You either think vogue or you think Kat butcher.

Let me know what you’re loving this month and if you love or loathe snake print!

Lots of love,

Abbey xo





    • littlebeautyblogxo February 16, 2016 / 5:10 pm

      i know right! So comfy too! Thank you so much for reading! x

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