The Socially Awkward Gal At Her First Gig – The Undercover Hippy

Have you ever been to a gig and all you can see is everyone having a right blast, dancing and jumping arms in the air. The lot! But then you look to your right and theres someone just awkwardly swaying side to side not quite sure how to dance. Well, I’m that gal. I had never been to a gig before and my dancing and cheering skills aren’t exactly on point. To make it even more difficult I Have Aspergers so socially awkwardness is my speciality. I’m not saying thats how it affects everyone but it does for me.

Just the thought of letting loose and getting my groove on makes me feel stiff and like a dancing lamppost. No joke. But towards the end of the night when my fave band came on I was slowly getting into the swing of things and enjoying myself. I was swaying and wriggling my bum, the lot. For me that’s hell of a big thing. People intimidate my so to be towards the front of the crowd bopping away was insane. I think the thing that got me dancing most was the fact that my ultimate fave band was playing. Who is this glorious band I keep talking about? The Undercover Hippy of course. His music is fantastic. He has some strong messages in his songs. For example he wrote a song called Coming To The Gambia which is inspired by his travels to Gambia. He has done a lot of charity work and is a true inspiration.  If you’ve never heard of him, click this link. You’ll Love it!


My Other fave song is Truth and Fiction which is aimed at politicians and the modern reality of today. At the gig he made such a valuable point which is that we just complain about issues arising by tweeting, facebooking and using our phones. But where does that actually get us?? No where. We aren’t changing anything, just complaining about people complaining.

Lastly for this blog post I just wanna say, what an amazing night it was, the vibes were amazing and it was brilliant to see so many people turn up, happy and cheering the band on. I had an amazing night and I even managed to crack a move or two.

What gigs have you been to??

The Undercover Hippy Facebook Page

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  1. Britt October 4, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    I’m glad you had such a great night! I feel like sometimes, especially when we are already dealing with something that may make social events more challenging, we get so caught up in our own heads that we work an event up in our mind to be far more awkward or challenging than it actually is if we just go for it!

    Britt |

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