The Key To Looking Great When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

Whether you’re exhausted from work, hungover, or ill, it’s still perfectly normal to want to look great at the same time. It can be difficult when you’ve got no energy or impetus to make any changes to your appearance, which can sometimes make us feel even worse. But looking great isn’t all about having the clearest skin, the smallest undereye bags, or the bounciest hair. There are plenty of ways to look great, even when you’re not feeling your best.


Top up your water levels

Our bodies desperately need water, not just to work at their optimum level, but also to look their best. When you’ve not had enough water your undereye bags look darker, skin looks pale and dull, and wrinkles can even look more defined. You’re also more likely to suffer from acne outbreaks when you’re dehydrated. If you’re not feeling your best, and you can see it on your skin, have a couple of glasses of water over the course of a couple of hours, and you’ll start to see an improvement.

Help your skin to repair

When we are hard on ourselves, our skin takes the brunt of it. It needs to be cleaned regularly to remove any grease and dirt buildup, and stress or illness can cause spot breakouts. If you want to look your best, help your skin to recover from hard times. You can buy hydrating serum online, so you don’t even need to visit the store if you’re not up to it, and it’ll really help to bring some life back into your face. Just remember to keep it clean and moisturized, and you’ll see improvements in a matter of days.

Take a walk outside


Fresh air, a bit of sunlight, and a bit of exercise will all do wonders for your complexion. The exercise helps to get the blood pumping, so the color will start to come back into your cheeks, making you look younger and healthier. The sunlight encourages our bodies to produce vitamin D, which we need to be healthy, and the fresh air just helps us to breathe deeper and clear our heads. If you’re feeling terrible, either through hangover or depression, or any other reason, take a 20-minute walk outside and see how much it helps.

Give your hair some love

We can neglect our hair when times get tough in favor of buns and ponytails. To make a real difference to your appearance, wash and dry your hair, and style it loose. When it’s clean and well styled it looks healthy and bouncy, which in turn will make you look healthy and full of life too – it really does work.

Laugh for a while


A good old chuckle is great for our physical and emotional wellbeing, so make sure you get out with friends or stick a funny movie on the television. You’ll feel and look loads better for it.

Remember. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we don’t have to l0ok ‘amazing’ all the time, but if you follow these steps, then nobody needs to know you’re not feeling yourself.

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