The Boyfriend Tag; How I Met My Boyfriend

September 7, 2017

Hey my loves!

Todays post is 2/3 of my relationships series. Which is the boyfriend tag. I’d like to share with you guys how i met my boyfriend and a little bit about our relationship. This is a great way for you to find a little bit more about me and a bit of my more personal life which you wouldn’t usually know anything about.

How we met

I’m afraid it isn’t overly romantic or adventurous. We actually met online. I know what some of you may be thinking, typical millenial.

I had a random add off him a few years ago but never really took much notice. How nice of me! It wasn’t until about 5 months ago he added me on my new account, we got chatting and really hit it off. Time to get really soppy guys! I just knew there was something special about him, we clicked instantly. There was no gaps between conversation where we didn’t know what to say.20479752_1836404830021784_5243944694260842159_n I was in Ibiza at the time and I was just glued to my phone a lot of the time because i really wanted to keep messaging him. We then started to FaceTime and talk on the phone, I honestly loved it. He was gorgeous, handsome and so kind hearted. My heart melted every time we spoke. We both knew there was something special between us, It felt so right.


When I got back from Ibiza we decided to meet, we was both so excited. We’d spoken everyday for a week or two. He took me out for a nice meal, It was so romantic and perfect. A few days later we went shopping in the city. I remember the weather was amazing and we sat on the cathedral green just speaking about anything and everything. I was loving every minute I spent with him.


4 months down the line and we now live together, enjoying each others company and making some amazing memories. I truly love him so much, he’s my best friend and soul mate. Some say we’ve moved forward too quick but when you know, you know. Don’t ever let someones negativity affect your happiness. You know what’s right for you. Follow your heart.

How did you meet your partner?

A x

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  • Reply Linda September 8, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Aww what a cute story! It’s okay if y’all met through a dating website – you do you boo! And who cares if y’all are living together now, again, you do you! People who don’t have nice things to say shouldn’t say anything. Anyways, y’all are super cute! My boyfriend and I met at a party! πŸ™‚

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