The 101 To Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

No matter whether you’re big or small, body issues plague everyone at some point in their lives. We’re overloaded with such a mass stream of information telling us how we should or shouldn’t look and what is or isn’t healthy that it can often seem impossible to sift through the noise. Feeling comfortable in your own skin isn’t about making other people feel comfortable at the sight of your body, however; it’s about living life in a way which makes you happy about your body both in terms of sight and the way you feel. If you’re still not sure how to achieve a level of comfort with regards to your physique, then here’s a straightforward guide to help you progress towards that mindset.

Stay healthy.

The key to feeling comfortable in your own skin is to feel and be healthy in your own skin. The best way to lift your appearance is to simply live as healthily as possible and treat your body with the love it deserves. As mentioned on, this involves remaining hydrated and eating a balanced diet in order to avoid acne breakouts or pale skin, as our appearance signifies how healthy we are beneath the surface.

You can hit two birds with one stone and feel happier about the way you look when you treat your body better on a practical level. Of course, you might already be taking care of yourself and you’ve lost a lot of weight. Still, if you’re unhappy with the leftover look, you could look into the possibility of abdominal surgery over at

Our skin is a delicate thing, and it tells us much more about our health than we might realise. Sometimes vanity is the reason for looking after it, but as long as you keep yourself at a balanced level of health and fitness, the reason doesn’t matter; being comfortable in your body is what matters.


Do things for you.

Self-worth is about valuing yourself inherently, rather than measuring yourself against some external standard posed by a stranger or even a friend, as mentioned over at As soon as you stop people-pleasing, you’ll find that you start relaxing a little more. You’ll find that you can look in the mirror and say, “I’m happy with how I look today” or “I’m not happy with that, so I can change it.” That’s the beauty of being in charge of your own skin; you’re in control, and you call all the shots.


Take care of your mind.

People often fail to realise that their minds and bodies are linked very closely. If you’re consistently overwhelmed or stressed, especially with regards to your appearance, then it’s going to start to have a physical effect. Another article on mentions that meditation can help you to self-reflect and really probe deeply into what’s troubling you, either with regards to your appearance or people who affect your personal life. This might help you to just be yourself, as often a failure to do this is what troubles people so much.

No more toleration.

If you want change, you can make it happen. The key is to stop suffering ever-onwards as if that’s your only option, as explained at It isn’t, and you have more power to transform your life than you may realise. Physical changes, emotional changes and even changes in terms of the people whom you call friends are all within your control. Moreover, these are all things which could vastly improve your life.

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