Teagime Tea Is My Faveee

DSC01835Hey my love!

I’m super excited about todays post, i’m talking about my faaaveeeee tea.

Okay, so let’s add a little more to that, rather than ‘hey, i’m talking about tea’ Er Abbey? What kinda tea? Duuhhh. I’m talking about detox tea, the healthy stuff. You’re probably reading this and thinking, seriously, another tea post. But trust me, this one has just blown any other tea right off the shelf. Like seriously, just wait until you’ve finished reading then decide yourself.

So what is this mysterious brand i’m raving about?

Teagime, the first teatox i know of that do not contain laxative effects which is what your typical green tea contains in order to lose weight, which tends to be water weight and putting it straight out there, you poop a lot. So this brand have based their teas on the principle that they are gentle enough for long time use. I’ve previously written about Slendertox tea, they’re great too, no judgements here. But this tea is so different and bases it’s values completly differently. Teagime isn’t about losing weight by drinking so many cups. It’s a lifestyle change.



Now here’s the part that i love about them most, their teas are are based on you, yeah individually made for your needs. Kinda great right?! When you order they ask you a questionnaire like what’s your key goal? To be more energised, to sleep better, shed some pounds, have clearer skin and stronger hair and nails. That kinda jazz. So you answer their questions and they’ll customise your tea to fit your needs. It just feels so much more enjoyable because it’s made to suit you personally. I seriously dig it.

You know when you get these, they’re always in a form of tea bags? (Well most of the time) This one is loose when you get it, and you get a rubber tea bag included which you put the loose tea in and i’m not gonna lie, being me i was pretty amazed by this haha. It was so awesome. And it’s kinda pretty too. Ahhhhh.

So you get three packets, one for morning, afternoon and night. Usually it’s a morning and night kinda thing but with teagime it’s three times a day. The flavours i got were:

Morning – Blueberry Bushes (Blueberries, basil and oolong)
Afternoon – Right Bobby Dazzler (Raspberry, nettles and honey red tea)
Night – Β Lady of the night (Strawberry, rose and liquorice)


They do taste lovely on their own but i love my tea sweet so i add some honey which they say is completely fine, it doesn’t affect the benefits. And i won’t lie, it tastes sooooo nice.

My tip is to buy a cute little mason jar. They’re so pretty and make perfect mugs to drink tea out of. Okay, i just like pretty things, uhhh. It does look cute though.

I will link the website below, check them out. They’re a subscription service giving amazing tea. I love them, drink them everyday and i feel fab.


Lots of love,
A x



  1. 1divyapatel May 19, 2016 / 5:57 pm

    Omg I love tea, so this was so nice to read!! 😊

  2. Kayleigh Zara May 19, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    These look amazing I really want to try them!

    • Littlebeautyblogxo May 19, 2016 / 9:29 pm

      They are so worth it, they taste so yummy and don’t have harsh effects! x

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