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Initial Thoughts: Pixie By Petra Makeup

Today’s post is a pretty big deal to me. In the whole 15 months I’veΒ been blogging, this is the biggest PR package i have ever received. I was astonished and couldn’t quite believe it. The package was all of Pixie By Petra’s collaborations. There…

March 4, 2017
December πŸŽ„

My Top Picks Of The January Sales

Hey my loves! Am i the only one finding it hard knowing what day of the week it is right now? I seriously hate that stage between Christmas and New Year. Not to mention i’m fatter, poorer and have 0 motivation. The vibes are…

December 30, 2016

Paul Mitchell United In Pink Super Skinny Serum

I’ve said in previous posts that my hair has been feeling a little in nurtured lately and one of the things I done was use the Hello Hair Mask, that worked fab but I was still feeling like ya know. I really need to…

September 14, 2016

Hello Hair Mask, Hello Hydration!

I’m one of those people who don’t take enough care of their hair. Yes I wash it every day with shampoo and conditioner but that’s pretty much the basics right? I don’t use heat protection spray or any hair treatments such as oils and…

August 26, 2016