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The Bare Face Of Beauty

For many girls, the idea of leaving the house without makeup on is unheard of. I bet you’re thinking, woah abbey, that’s just crazy. The mere suggestion will leave them disgusted. Either that or they will herald makeup-less women as ‘brave.’ A recent study…

March 22, 2017

Learn To Unwind With These Simple Steps

Life can be pretty stressful. That’s just a fact of life, and most adults have pretty much come to terms with it by now. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Far too many people find their lives consumed by the stress…

February 28, 2017

The Key To Glowing Skin With Magnitone

I’ve always used my hands to cleanse my face, i guess i just thought that was the norm. Until recently. I’ve been trying out the Magnitone Bare Faced cleansing brush and also the Wipe Out Microfibre cleansing cloth.  I know my skins not perfect…

February 17, 2017

The Key To Looking Great When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

Whether you’re exhausted from work, hungover, or ill, it’s still perfectly normal to want to look great at the same time. It can be difficult when you’ve got no energy or impetus to make any changes to your appearance, which can sometimes make us…

February 15, 2017