Sunday skincare ritual featuring Sanctuary Spa

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Happy Sunday firstly, the one day of the week where it’s acceptable to do absolutely nothing and not get judged for it. Let’s be honest, whats better than doing nothing? Pampering yourself whilst doing nothing!! 

Last week when shopping i popped into boots for some new skincare products. Boots had a 3 for 2 across all skincare items so i took full advantage!

When i was on a mini break i picked up a sample size of the sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal detox mask. That night i used it and fell in love with it. It warms up when applied, and when i say warms up, i literally mean warms up. I used a little on my boyfriend and he got scared because it was hot.

So last week i decided to buy the full size product and make the most of the 3 for 2 offer and picked up the radiance exfoliator and the foaming micellar water. This brand is a little pricey personally. The two tubes were £10 each and the micellar water was about £8. Its not over priced but i just get a little tight sometimes! I’m terrible for  not wanting to spend loads of money, but i still tend to haha!


I’ve been using these products all week and i’m really enjoying them so far. I use the micellar water to remove makeup at night and to refresh my skin wen i wake up, sometimes i’m lazy and don’t cleanse my face so i use this instead. It’s soft on my skin but i couldn’t use it to remove eye makeup because it made them sore. My eyes are super sensitive and okay a few work for me. Even liquid liners can sting my eyes!

The other two products in the picture are what i will be using today for my pamper sesh. Obviously i will cleanse my face first using the Biore charcoal face wash which is my current fave, its clearing my skin perfectly, slowly but perfectly. I haven’t been using a cleanser lately just using a face wash instead. I’m not sure if that’s good or not but it works for me so hey, imma do that!

I always exfoliate before using a face mask, i don’t know if that is the right way round or if there even is a right way but i roll with it. This radiance exfoliator is meant to be for all skin types. It’s a scrub scrub. That makes no sense what so ever.. Let me explain. Some facial exfoliators are really gentle and don’t really feel like a exfoliator. But then there is ones like this which are more textured giving a deeper effect. I prefer it this way, but if you have severe acne be careful, it might irritate your skin. I have a few spots and it does sting sometimes.

But anyway, this exfoliator is great. It does what it says in  simple terms. I defiantly notice a difference. My skin appears instantly brighter and healthy. I like to do all my skin care things whilst in the shower. It works for me. I love that it smells like citrus too. It smells fruity and yummy. Gives that Sunday morning freshness feel. One thing i’ve ;earn is to not exfoliate for too long or too hard. I’d say about 45-50 seconds is more than enough.

The 5 minute detox thermal mask, i’ve already said how i feel about this awesome product. It’s great! It’s like a clay kind of colour and texture and is quite thick. With most masks you are supposed to leave them on for like 10-15 minutes which is okay but if you want to use when in more of a rush then you’ll love this one. 5 minutes isn’t long at all but long enough for the gorgeous product to work. Again i use in the shower, i apply this and then wash my body, shave my legs whatever it is i do in the shower. Then rinse it off. My skin feels soft and fresh and i’m ready for a perfect makeup application or like today a relaxed day in bed. Don’t be scared about the heat, thats normal. Your not allergic like my boyfriend thought. Unless its stinging or irritating then wash off with warm not hot water and i doubt you should use again.


Once out the shower, i like to spritz my face with the lush tea tree spray because my skin isn’t great at the minute. Apply an under eye cream, i’m still loving the benefit puff off and i’m running low 🙁 sad times. Use some vaseline on my lips because those bad boys need hydrating! And moisturise using the Cetaphil moisturiser. (Great for sensitive skin, acne and dryness)

And relaaaax. Grab a cup of green tea with some honey, watch a few youtube tutorials and blog away.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this relaxed post and found it helpful. Please like, comment, follow! I love to hear from you and reply to all of your wonderful comments!

Lot of love
A x


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  1. sophie15samantha February 21, 2016 / 7:35 pm

    I purchased the Exfoliator yesterday. Tried it out and I’m already in love. Definitely prefer a ‘scrub scrub’ haha x

    • littlebeautyblogxo February 22, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      It’s great right?! Me too, otherwise they’re kinda pointless! Thank you for reading honey x

  2. princesslex February 21, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    Do you have any tips for skin care/ any products to use? I don’t have sensitive skin and I don’t get Many breakouts, however I get quite a few pimples, so is there anything you could reccomend?

    • littlebeautyblogxo February 22, 2016 / 8:21 pm

      Hey honey, I would say the Biore face wash, i love it so much it prevents any spots because its such a deep cleanse! I find ice cubes will reduce the size of a pimple incredibly! xxx

      • princesslex February 22, 2016 / 8:34 pm

        Thanks I will try it as soon as I can get my hands on it. The ice cube tip sounds promising I will try now xxx

          • princesslex February 22, 2016 / 10:01 pm

            I will look next time I pop in, Thankyou so much❤️

          • princesslex February 22, 2016 / 10:21 pm

            I sent you a DM on Instagram, I love your account xxx

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