Slendertox Tea, My first impressions

Hey m’love!

I’m a big fan of green tea, i love the stuff. It has so many benefits that can improve your health. I recently received some goodies from Slendertox Tea. The Daytime and Sleep time tea set. It’s a ‘dietary supplement’ and perfect for people, who like me would like to lose some weight, which this tea is supposed to promote.

I’ve not been drinking enough to tell you whether i’ve lost any weight or noticed a big difference yet, i’ve had like one cup so that will be part two once i’ve finished the 14 days.

Todays post is basically a first impressions kind thing. I think that initial thoughts are just as important as result, so instead of one huge post i’ve split it into two. Keep reading to find out more!


Let’s start with visual thoughts. I’m in love with the packaging, i think its pretty, bold yet simple. I’m one of those people who judge a product by the packaging, yes i know i’m terrible, so judgemental ugh! But anyway, the packaging and appearance defiantly pulls me in.

This set retails at around £18.99 which i think, is pretty good to be perfectly honest. The popular Teatox is around £25.99 for 14 days so there is a relatively big saving. I love Teatox, used it lots of times and now i can’t wait to replace with this gorgeous brand and see how i get on. I must say, i’m impressed so far guys!


Slendertox is pretty popular with a lot of celebs and hey, if it’s good enough for Holly Hagan then yup, it’s good enough for me. Theres honest reviews on their website and has been featured in Glamour Mag. All good so far!

So the daytime is 14 bags, one once a day and the sleep too is 7 bags one every other day. I’m literally buzzing to tell you how i get on, i know that even if i don’t loose weight i will feel the benefits. Green tea does wonders for me, gives me energy, helps clear my skin and relaxes me. Honestly just sitting in bed with a cup of tea and some fluffy blankets is my idea of bliss.

These tea bags smell so nice, no joke i love the smell of green tea like this. It kind of smells like the country, it’s a calming scent. The ingredients are natural and healthy. The ingredients are all wholesome with no added chemicals or anything. Basically all super good for you. No caffeine either! Just call me the inner peace and wellbeing goddess.

Like any other green tea though, don’t over do it. Stick to the guidelines and enjoy! If like me you have a sweet tooth then add a spoonful of honey, tastes so amazing.

Basically, to sum this whole post up.. I can’t wait to finish this set and let you know the results, whether i’d buy again etc. So far i’m defiantly impressed and it will take something drastic to change that. Which is pretty much unlikely. Let’s be reasonable here!

Please please pleaseee let me know if you’ve this brand before, i’m eager to know what others think!

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  1. Zovesta April 10, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out for you! =)

  2. Misstery blog April 11, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    Great post, I need to try this out. It looks amazing, nothing can beat a good cup of tea ❤

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