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Hello beautiful!

So the majority of us have already gone crazy at the sales, as early as boxing day! But if you havn’t then have no fear! we still have january for those bargains and must haves.

Some of us go full blown crazy whislt others just have a browse in their own time. For me, my sale shopping started at 5.30am, waiting in the cold for half an hour in a long que of eager people waiting to sweep Next for every single sale item they had to offer on boxing day. Yes you heard right, the lenghths we go to for a good bargain is crazy! Unfortunately i didn’t buy anything for myself because ive been suffering shoppers block. (Not an actual thing but i will roll with it) I went up and down the store about three times and could not find a single thing i wanted to buy. I was the same online shopping and highstreet shopping. I’m not too sure whats going on but i’ve lost all interest in buying loads of clothes i dont really need. Some call it growing up, i call it extremly sad. I just dont see anything i really like and would wear all the time but on the same hand i need some clothes. Its a real dillema!

Yesterday i went to town AGAIN to take my cousin shopping and with a little determination i managed to grab myself a few amazing bargains. Unfortunately none of which was fashion. Just beauty but im rather happy with what i got and didnt spend too much money, ideal!


For me there are about five highstreet retailers which i think have amazing sales.

  1. New look
  2. Topshop
  3. Accsesorize 
  4. Superdrug
  5. Boots
  6. The body shop

Yesterday i bought from accesorize superdrug, Body shop and t.k.maxx (which are always have good deals).

I still cant get over my bargain from T.k.maxx. A too faced souldmates compact for £3.99!!

I will be reviewing each item i bought once i’ve tried them so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Hope you all have a fab day, would love to here what sale items you’ve bought!

Love always

Abbey xo

Shopping is a girls best friend


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