Sculpting Your Body: A Methodical Approach To Diet And Exercise

August 15, 2017

Wherever we go, we see the image of the “perfect woman” and while there is no such thing as the perfect woman we aspire to have a specific body shape. But the trick is all about toning your body. Being toned and sculpted is something you see a lot in exercise magazines and, yes, it does need to be done by exercise, but there are a few little tricks to help you achieve that toned body you want.

Addressing Your Diet


No, it’s not just about eating vegetables by the bucket loads, the trick is about creating a calorie deficit, this is where you consume fewer calories than you are burning. It’s important to have a deficit but also at the same time you need to be aware that a low-calorie diet can cause muscle loss. As active women need around 2000 to 2400 calories every day to maintain their weight, you should start at the 2000 calories mark and try to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. In addition to this if you eat a diet high in protein and low in carbs it is generally viewed as a quick way to lose weight, but at the same time if you are working hard on muscle you need some carbs to replenish the glycogen stores and to make your muscles show. Another trick is to balance each meal, so you are eating the same amount of calories at every mealtime, making sure that you have the balance of protein, carbs, as well as ample fruits or vegetables.

Sculpting Your Body


Exercise is a vital part of building your self-image from the inside and the outside, and it’s all about a few simple approaches to how you exercise. There’s no way around it, you need to build a stable workout routine to help tone your body naturally. And yes we all have temptations to go for things like laser liposuction and tummy tucks, but these can be costly for some people, so your option is to go for the natural approach. Strength training is your ally when it comes to building defined muscle, and when combined with a calorie deficit it will help to show off those toned muscles. A few ways to improve your strength training is to focus on lifting heavy at what is known as the 2-4 tempo. This is where you spend two seconds of the lifting part of the weight (known as the concentric phase) and 4 seconds to return the weight to its starting position (known as the eccentric phase). This has been shown to be a quicker way to gain strength. Also if you add interval training, this will help to boost your calorie loss, and if you superset your exercises, in other words, doing three or more exercises for that muscle group without rest, it’s a great way to keep that intensity for excellent toning results as well as reducing your workout time.

Toning your body and going for that sculpted look can be achieved, but it’s all about that timeless combination of exercise and diet!


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