Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel

Hey my loves!

I can’t believe it’s the 2nd of December?! Where on Earth has the time gone?? But on that note I am feeling mega excited for Christmas and getting my  festive groove on. Forever dreaming of Christmas dinner!

This year my mum treated me to a M&S beauty advent calendar, I was so chuffed. The calendar cost £35 I think and has 25 gifts, so I thought why not blog about few of the products?! I don’t think I will do every single one because I don’t have the time but we will see. Who knows.


Today’s post is about day 2 which was the Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel. I always the the words Acid, extreme and peel are really intimidating. They just sound so harsh and scary right?!

I loved the packaging of this deluxe sample, it looks like a good quality product (which it is)

The peel is supposed to be used 1 – 2 times a week, I personally would only use once on myself because my skin is extremely sensitive at the moment.

I used in part of my night time routine tonight and I actually really liked it. My skin felt really fresh afterwards, which is the best feeling in the whole entire world.

Thankfully it didn’t burn or sting like I thought it would. It was good.

Obviously I’ve only tried once so I don’t know if I’d buy again or not although it is looking good.

Have a lovely evening!

A x







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