Outfit Of The Day. Autumnal Vibes

It’s officially November!!!!

I can finally start talking about Christmas? Right? I can surely put my tree up soon and start sipping on mulled wine blasting out killer Christmas tunes? Too soon?

Don’t worry that Isn’t what I’m posting about today. But festive posts are coming soon, sorry guys! Today I’m talking about autumnal outfits which just scream I’m ready for the next few months!!

This Is an OOTD post meaning I’m sharing what I wore and where It’s from. It’s a warm, cosy yet stylish outfit which can be dressed up or down. For me personally I made It more casual by adding a cute little bobble hat which I picked up from Primark which can I just say Is the cutest little hat I’ve ever laid my eyes on and was less than £4.00!



Primark are seriously killing It at the moment with their AW17 range. If you haven’t checked It out I seriously recommend having a little look! I’m surprised I’m not In debt yet with all their cute stuff they have! Also from Primark are my cute O ring boots and my warm thick black tights.

You may recognise this faux fur coat from this previous post here. Where I showed you how I personally styled It. I’m sorry to say this outfit Is pretty much very similar. The only thing different Is the dress and the hat. What can I say, I must have a particular style trending.

So as you may know the faux fur coat is from LOTD, and shock so is this gorgeous floral dress. The coat Is no longer available but they have many similar. Like this one.

The dress which is also from LOTD, (you can check out out here) cost only £12 and there is currently a 40% off offer which ends soon so hurry!

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