On Embracing Your Imperfections


We’re all guilty of beating ourselves up. The beauty and cosmetics industry, for all its positives, also has an incredible ability to make us feel imperfect. Much of its money is made from us feeling like we’re never quite good enough. They convince us our skin isn’t clear enough, our stretch marks are ugly, and our teeth are too stained. On the flip side, what it also teaches us is that the body we have is the only body we get, and we have to make the most of it. Hating our imperfections is exhausting and ultimately completely futile. Makeup is for enhancing our natural beauty, and because it’s a whole lot of fun, but we feel a ton better when we embrace our imperfections.

They’re probably not as bad as you think

We are our own harshest critics. What we see is some huge, red, oozing sores on our face. What other people see is a face, and they might notice a few pimples if they’re asked to look more closely. Think about how critical you are of other people. Probably a lot less critical than you are of yourself, right? Do you notice other women’s cellulite or stretch marks as you walk down the street? Chances are, you probably don’t! It’s far too easy to berate ourselves for an imperfection, rather than just learn to love ourselves.

The world would be boring if everyone looked the same

If you took away everyone’s imperfections, you’re left with a world filled with models and people who look like they’re computer generated. Our imperfections are what make us unique and interesting, they set us apart from each other, and they make us human.

Trying to fix things isn’t worth the stress

Fixing imperfections is, at best, expensive, and at worst, invasive. Even something as simple as regularly buying Bio-Oil to try to encourage stretch marks to fade will soon add up. When you throw more drastic measures into the mix, the cost and the price rises significantly. It isn’t surprising that cosmetic surgery claims are becoming more common – everyone wants to say goodbye to their squishy bits or nose bump, and take risks to do it, rather than embrace it as an essential part of what makes them who they are. Obviously, some people take this route to deal with something which is a serious drag on their self-confidence, but for many, it’s just an easy fix.


There are far more important things in life

Finally, imagine all of the wonderful things we could achieve if we weren’t preoccupied with worrying about our imperfections. We could use the time to perfect the cat-eye or marbled nail polish effect. Alright, granted it probably doesn’t take up that much time, but it does take that much energy. Self-loathing, even just over one small feature, is exhausting. Fixation isn’t healthy. If you really want to embrace your imperfections, make the rest of your life as fulfilling and exciting as you can. Go on adventures, workout, live, love, and laugh. Pretty soon, you won’t care that you have a few stretch marks or pimples. It works, promise.

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  1. Marianne April 1, 2017 / 11:25 am

    aww, I find this really helpful and uplifting 🙂

    • Abbey April 3, 2017 / 12:12 pm

      I’m glad lovely! x

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