New year, New beginnings. Letting go of the past.

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Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can their be recovery  – J.K Rowling


Todays blog post is something different. It’s something i feel is quite important and hopefully you’ll find this article helpful.

There’s something about new year which makes us want to change, to set resolutions and embrace a ‘new’ life. The truth is in order to move on in life you need acceptance. For some of us 2015 has been a tough year. Theres been ups and downs, low points and high points. It’s been hard, theres been tears and theres been smiles.

Suffering with depression/anxiety/mental health  means we’ve had our fair share of down days. I know for me theres been days i’ve felt like giving up. But something pushes us to carry on, will power. The same will power we require to move on from the past and look to the future.  For me it’s been accepting i have Aspergers and learning to live with it. It has taken me longer than a year to do this, in fact it has taken me 8 long hard years but i’ve got there. Could i have accepted this earlier? Yes of course i could have. I closed my eyes to it, ignored it hoping it would go away but the reality is what you ignore or deny is in fact delaying, what you accept and face, you conquer. And i really wish someone had gotten this through to me. In a way i was arrogant to my own beliefs. I didn’t want to accept it so i chose not too, did it help me? no it didn’t, it couldn’t. In order to move forward you have to forget looking backward. Non acceptance is like a car with a flat tyre, you’re going no where. And acceptance is the mechanic which will get you on your way.

Every single one of us faces our own struggles, i want you to be able to channel this to improve any situation. Its the same concept really.

It also connects to my previous post on positive body image and learning to love yourself. It’s all about acceptance. tumblr_m99yrfrnSX1ryc1qto1_500

When it comes to letting go of the past, its not as easy as 1 2 3. It can be hard and it can take time. But you can do it! The past can’t be changed, forgotten or edited it can only be accepted. Don’t be so swirled up in your past that you forget to live. Life’s short, live everyday the best you can. Find yourself, you’re capable of anything if you try!


So this year lets be different, lets not make resolutions. Lets go for acceptance. Accepting who we are, accepting the challenges we face are tough but make us stronger, accepting that yeah the last years been tough, but i’m getting back up, dusting myself off and trying again. I’m not going to look back in disappointment, I’m going to take life as a lesson. Ive learnt through what I’ve been through and I’m coming out the other side stronger. Yes i’ve lost very dear loved ones this last year but they’re always in my heart forever, they’d want me to move on with my life and never look back. I will do them proud. I CAN do this, 2016 come at me! images

I hope reading this has helped you, whatever the situation, i would love to hear what you think and whether this post was helpful. For support you can contact me at


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  1. missfxx January 7, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Good read! The best of health in this and coming years, keep doing what makes you happy and never worry about what other might think about you! 🙂

  2. proceedwithstyle January 8, 2016 / 1:32 am

    Beautiful and moving post. Speaks to me as well. Thank you so much

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