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DSC02121Hey honey,

Hope you’ve had a fab monday and a good weekend. I’m kicking the week off with an awesome collaboration with Nanshy. 

I was very kindly send a few products to try and write about so here i am! The products sent were a Marvel 4 in 1 makeup blending sponge and 3 brushes, they were a blush, flawless foundation and angled airbrush.



Can i just start by saying that i was so excited when this arrived, it was packaged up in black tissue paper and it looked so fab. I always get 10x more excited when it has pretty packaging rather than just turning up in a cardboard box and bubblewrap.

Visually these products are absolutely gorgeous. They’re sleek and classic. I think the makeup blender is what i mostly fell in love with. The packaging is like really fancy for a sponge. The box has a pretty design on the inside and is great for putting back in after use for fab storage. The sponge itself is so soft and squidgy, my fab description is just everything! Unlike usual blenders this one is pointed but has a flat surface on one side too, hence the name 4 in one. You can use the tip, the tips flat side, the side and the big round bottom side. Now that’s what i call multitasking ayyy! I never use a beauty blender dry because it does not help with my dry skin one bit and let’s be honest a damp beauty blender is just heaven, it makes foundation faaaaaalaaaawlessss.

On with the three brushes, these bad boys are so soft. Like seriously, there’s nothing more satisfying than a brand new soft, clean makeup brush. What dreams are made of! I think they’re extremely similar the Sigma ones, i’d go as far as saying just as good in fact better. I loved using them this morning. They were fab, just fab. They cost £9.95 each and they are literally worth every penny. I mean come on, they’re amazing, in expensive brushes which are lush. The quality is hugely amazing. I haven’t ended up with bristles on my face after using for the first time, which ya know is always a good sign. I hate picking them off my skin then taking the foundation i applied with it, nightmare.

It’s safe to say my makeup brush collection is growing, and if i’m honest i have so many that do the same job. Would i pick one of these as opposed to my others? Highly likely. I’m not just saying that because its a collab, i genuinely will. By the end of the week they will be completely covered in product and not looking as gorgeously new as they did this morning. Maybe i will post a photo at the end of the week so you can see for yourself. If that’s something you’d like to see then reply in the comments!


I will see you Wednesday for a new blog post, see you then gorgeous!





  1. Dittes makeup May 16, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    I watched Katie from (Youtuber) with a face brush set from Nanshy and I wanted to try it sooo much!

  2. Jessica Jade May 17, 2016 / 7:02 am

    How beautiful is that blender! I wouldn’t want to use it haha too pretty! Xx

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