My Love For Primark Makeup PT 2 // Colour Correcting Concealer


Yesterday i shared with you my thoughts on the Primark Holographic Lipgloss. Today i’m sharing with you my opinions on the PS Pro Long Wear Colour Correcting Concealer which i got for £2.00.

I’ve been wanting a green concealer for absolutely ages but i always manage to put myself off. Telling myself it’s pointless or that i will look like a green alien. I don’t know why i thought that though to be honest because it worked a treat and it was cheap. That makes a happy Abbey indeed.

Green tones are used to correct redness, it amazes me how colours can cancel out redness, or dullness, or dark circles etc. It fascinates me. This Primark one is a great dupe for The NYX HD concealer in green. (And a lot cheaper too)


One thing i wasn’t so keen on is that it takes some pretty serious blending, it feels like quite a thick texture which if you wasn’t to really blend well would show through your foundation. But once blended and covered it does the job. I was also wearing this in the picture i uploaded on the previous post. I’ve had a few spots and i just dabbed some of this on each one and voila, bye bye redness. If you’re using to apply to acne or spots then use your finger or a different brush just so that the wand isn’t picking up bacteria which will end up giving you more spots and it’s like a vicious circle!

Basically, i would highly recommend trying Primark makeup, you’d honestly be so surprised at how fab they are. And for the price you seriously can’t go wrong. As for this concealer, yeah i would totally buy again. It does cover redness and it does work. Although a little goes a long way, don’t over do it else you’ll go green!

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