My Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Flawless Makeup

Hey my loves! 

When i comes to makeup brushes i have a lot and i mean a lot. I recently down sized and gave some to my friend but i still have a fair few. I’m obsessed. My fave kind of brushes is face brushes, they’re one of the most vital parts of a flawless base. If you have a flawless base you can take on the world i say. 

There’s two brushes in particular that i am absolutely obsessing over at the moment. They are two of the best brushes i own and of course they are face brushes. One’s a concealer brush and the other is a powder brush. They are both by a brand called Nanshy which can i just say do some of the most amazing brushes ever. I own 4 Nanshy brushes all together and i love each and every one of them but today’s post is focusing on these ones. If you want to read my review of the other brushes click here.

The first brush is the Concealer 3D Brush, a double sided brush which is the perfect size for under eye concealer especially which is what i use it for. It’s a real interesting brush, which leaves concealer so well blended within seconds. It’s amazing! This brush retails at £10.95 which for the quality is an amazing price.


The second brush is the Large Powder Makeup Brush, a core brush you should have in your collection. They’re so good for applying powder all over the face and leaving a flawless finish. The bristles are super soft but not too soft that it’s hard to apply. I love that when i used the first few times especially the bristles didn’t fall out on my face and ruin the application.  Let’s be honest that’s the worst thing ever.


What do you think of these brushes or the brand itself?

A x

*This post contains a PR gift although all opinions are mine*


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  1. Caterina Sosso May 16, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    Never heard of this brand before but it’s probably my fault because I’ve got an obsession for the Zoeva brushes and I can’t try any others errm the one for the under eye seems really nice though

    Caterina |

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