My First Time Using HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Hey sweetness,

I’m super excited about todays post because it is something completely new to me. HiSmile kindly sent me a teeth whitening kit to try and write about and yesterday i used it for the first time, ever!. I’ve heard a great dealΒ about teeth whitening stuff which seems to be quite popular now. So to be trying it for myself and seeing what all the craze is about is pretty fab. I do love trying out new things.



So when i saw the syringes i was like, ‘wow this is some professional shit right here’ Not even joking, it looked so scary, or maybe i’m just a raging hypochondriac, i’m sloping more towards the second option. But as i was saying, once you’ve read the instructions (which are super simple and anyone could understand, even me!) It’s actually not that scary and really easy to do.

Once you’ve syringed around half the gel onto both sidesΒ of the mouth guard you place in your mouth and press the button. It turns off automatically after the ten minutes is up. In that time you need to entertain yourself. For me it was Β taking a few selfies, having a little dance and scrolling down my insta feed. Once the timers gone off you simply rinse your mouth with warm water and wash the mouth guard (Duh)


I was actually surprised at how simple it was. And despite my irrational thoughts, i didn’t swallow the gel which i totally thought would happen.

The guard itself is really soft and light and easy to bite onto. It was more comfortable then the mouth guards you had to wear in hockey at school. Boy, those things were so dreadful. Year 7 nightmare..


I’m going onto day 2 tomorrow, the kit has enough syringes for 6 days, you also get a teeth chart to see how many shades lighter your teeth get. Once i’ve done 6 days i will post the before and after results and tell you how i got on and whether i’d buy again.

Have a fab day,

A x




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