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Hey my sweet!

Happy thursdaaaay! The weekend is nearly here and waiting for us with love. 

Recently i bought some colourpop goodies because everyones raving about them on blogs and youtube. I was feeling kinda left out to be honest! *cry* But seriously, i’ve heard great stuff about this brand. 

Because i live in the UK, they don’t deliver here. But of course you probably know about this new method going round where you create an account with a site like Shipitto where you receive an american address. You type that address in on the delivery stage on colour pop. Long story short, Colourpop send it to the american address and then you pay shipping for it to be sent to you.

*And breathe* That was a lot for my brain to take in, kinda confused me. So no, i didn’t go through all that, for me it seemed like waaay too much effort..  Instead i bought off a lovely girl on Depop who orders them in to sell. Way more simpler, right?! If you download Depop on your phone (for free) and search for colour pop theres always girls selling new makeup they’ve ordered in bulk. Less hassle, perfect!



Anyway, i bought 4 items which cost me about £29.00. To me that was a steal. Totally amazing price. They were all brand new and unused. I was so pleased with myself, like seriously it was so much more simpler and arrived within like 4 days. Instead of 10 something days it would have taken to be shipped from america. I felt accomplished, totally winning at life, heh.. heh?!

I Bought: ..

  • Ultra matte lip in lumiere 2
  • Sculpting stix, highlight and contour duo
  • Brow pencil in bangin brunette

Okay, heres the lowdown on each product.

I love liquid lipsticks as you all probably know, it’s like a crazy addiction. I loved this matte lip, f i could type that 1000 times, oh boy i would. Might be a little boring to read though. We all know that liquid lipsticks can be drying and start off with Kylie Jenner quality lips and four hours later, have dehydrated, cracked and chapped lips like you’ve been stranded on a dessert for 2 days with no water. We’ve all been there right? I was so surprised by this lipstick. Honestly it didn’t really dry. Usually with liquid lipsticks when you drink from a cup for example. You don’t get so much of a lip imprint on the glass because they dry. This one was like wearing a normal lipstick, it started to come off easier. Now i know thats not great but i’d rather reapply then end up with flaky lipstick! Personally i love it. I would defiantly buy again.


The  sculpting stix were what i was really eager to try. I haven’t got any stick form ones anymore and was looking to get some. The highlight shade is gorgeous, i loved the sheen, glow it gave. It looked so pretty and natural. When it comes to the contour stick, i do love it but i found it difficult to blend because i’ve been so used to using the contour shade in the cream contour kit by makeup revolution. But once blended it does look gorgeous, it’s easy to apply to your face as well. Because it’s quite small it means you can really get it where you need it more precisely. Would i buy again? Yes of course they’re great, easy to fit in your handbag too! Would be good for holidays and going away instead of taking a palette.

Lastly the brow pencil, i have good and bad reviews about this one. I like it but i don’t love it. One major con is that if you twist to much up you can’t get it back down, or at least i couldn’t. Did anyone else find this?? But it does apply smoothly and the spoolie works well with the product. A little goes a long way with this. I pressed to hard to begin with and oh my it was hard to fix. I ended up wiping it off and do it again. Light, small strokes work best.  I would buy again if it was as easy to buy as this time. I wouldn’t go through customs blah blah blah because i do have other ones i love more. But it’s a good product, i just have a love hate relationship with it. 13051546_1580509832277953_2420579945260020152_n.jpg

Okay, let’s some this post up shall we?! Colourpop are pretty awesome, they’re great value for money but it is more expensive if you’re living in the UK. I don’t think i’d personally go through using Shipitto and them delivering it to me, way too much effort for my liking. But through Depop it was so much more bearable and i would buy off that app again without a doubt. I loved the designs of the makeup and the simplicity with silver font. They are pretty. If i see highlighter or eyeshadows i might be tempted to buy. Let’s wait and see!

*And that’s a wrap*

Love and hugs,

A x




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    • Littlebeautyblogxo April 22, 2016 / 5:59 pm

      Thank you gorgeous, They’re the best, such a good texture! Try depop or eBay honey. Ahh thank you so so much! xox

    • Littlebeautyblogxo April 22, 2016 / 5:58 pm

      Thank you so much lovely! It’s one of those brands you just have to try once! Ahh your kind words make me happy! x

  1. Kelsey Dawn April 21, 2016 / 8:36 pm

    I love Colourpop !!! They have suck a wide variety and great, pigmented colors!

  2. studytoolssite April 22, 2016 / 12:29 am

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  3. Clauii April 22, 2016 / 7:14 am

    I love Colourpop!! We had the same problem at first, they don’t ship here in the Philippines, but some girls are kind enough to bring them here but, sell it on a higher price. It’s okay though, because their products are worth it!

    • Littlebeautyblogxo April 22, 2016 / 5:57 pm

      The struggle is real right?! I agree it defiantly is worth it, it still works out a good price, thank you for reading lovely xo

  4. mollyannelacey April 22, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    Oh my goodness all of these are gorgeous! Loved this post xx

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