My early valentines mini break

Hey there my lovelies,

I’m writing this from the hotel room enjoying the little break away. My fiancé has bought me here for a mini breakIMG_0820 for valentines. We’re going home on Saturday. (Cries and sobs) The best part about staying in a premier Inn is jumping backwards onto the huge king size bad. They’re like a heavenly cloud, so comfy. When i arrived, the first thing i done was drop my bags, jump on the bed then run a bath. Hey, i’m a pretty random girl. After getting out my long hot bath (Which was lush by the way, i only have a shower at home so when i go away it’s a dream) I walked in to a bed covered in rose petals, chocolates, little heart shaped marshmallows, a bag of gifts and a teddy. With 3 heart shaped candles and him sat beside it. It was at that point i realised i’m the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. Well, i knew that anyway but this was so perfect. He never fails to amaze me. When someone once told me i’d one day find my soul mate, i never believed them. But now i do and i can happily say the same to other people.
Inside my cute little gift bag, which i thought was so cute. It had a pair of shoes illustrated and a quote saying ‘surprise inside’ Was two gift boxes. One from Feel Unique and the other from harrIMG_0835.JPGods. I couldn’t believe it! I also got this adorable card, which had pop up roses inside. It was so thoughtful!.  But i now feel really chunky because i’ve eaten my body weight in sweets and chocolate. Best hit the gym when i get home, i feel i may seriously need it. So, what was in my surprise little black boxes? In the feel unique box was lots of little luxury treats. I think it was their beauty box
It was gorgeous. After reviewing the Powder beauty box i fell in love with the idea of a box of surprise goodies, it’s such a good idea. The gifts inside were so pretty and beautifully designed. Not forgetting wrapped in black tissue paper with a cute sticker sealing it. And of course a little note card with a discount code and details of what the box includes.
Inside the harrods box, which i must say was super exciting to open, was the best present of all time. IMG_0834What is it you ask?! Drum roll please… THE MARC JACOBS UNDER(COVER) PRIMER. Oh my gosh i was so thrilled. Its so gorgeous to look at, i could just stare at it all day. I never realised i could fall in love so much with one item of makeup. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow, in fact in ecstatic. I’ve never tried any of the Marc Jacobs beau
ty range but i’ve heard so many amazing views, and was eager to get my hands on it. I guess he knew me too well!

It’s supposed to be really hydrating and contains coconut. I will be reviewing it very soon!

As for my valentines card, as i said it was so cute and creative. I think i will keep it forever. We keep all our cards for memories. i don’t know, i guess one day we will look back on them and smile at all our memories. I tend to buy him photo cards from moon pig because he loves them.

IMG_0857.JPGHe’s definitely winning at the minute, this card was gorgeous. He knows i’m terrible at looking after flowers so i got these pop up ones instead!

So tomorrow i’m going shopping in the city and meeting my childhood best friend hopefully. which will be great. I intend on looking for a new phone, whether i buy one or not is a different story. I dropped my iPhone on the pavement and its now smashed completely. I went a whole year without damaging it, and that was surprisingly good for me. Normally my phone dies within a few months. Or as my dad says, when it comes to phones i have the black touch of death!(He doesn’t let me near his because last time i touched it, it broke, Just died. And it was 2 days old. So i’m now stuck with that name. In fact even chargers i use get broken. I’ve been through about 15!

Anyway, Happy Thursday beautiful! May your evenings be fab!

Lots of love

Abbey xo


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  1. nbrooksart February 14, 2016 / 6:36 pm

    That shoe bag is so cute!

  2. sameenab February 16, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    What a cute surprise!

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