My current daily skincare routine for problem skin

Hello wonderful!

I thought that i would share with you my current skincare routine for my problem skin. Keep reading to find out more!

So a week or two ago i came across the brand Skin Genius (Great name right) who kindly sent me some of their products to review and try.

The brand itself bases its beliefs on Teenage/adult skin. Basically Acne, pimples and oiliness. Just a few of the the joyous qualities of being an adolescent raging with hormones and experiencing breakouts like never before feeling like the world is against you screaming lord why me?!?! (or that could literally just be me heh)

I get regular breakouts on my forehead and cheeks. They’re annoying! I tend to make it worse my touching and picking, i’m guilty to that one whole heartedly. But hey, they annoy the hell outta you right? But in the sad bitter end they always end up more red, more fierce and more god darn unsightly. Taking you back into that cycle of healing time and clearing. (And feeling rubbish)


With the right concealer and foundation you can cover pimples but that isn’t gonna be a long term fix. It covers not eliminate. So it’s important to remove makeup and have a routine to fight those bad boys off. NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON IF IT CAN BE HELPED.

Anyway. So far i’ve found Skin Genius works really well at helping eliminate further breakouts and keeping my skin clean and supple. Hey, they’re genius?! Get it?! I need to work on my jokes right.

I’ve been using the purifying facial wash, clarifying lotion and balancing moisturising lotion in that order. Which you can buy separately or as a set. In the week or so i have used this morning and night i must say there has been ta visible difference already. Nothing works miracles but this isn’t far off. It’s basically kept my skin at bay allowing the breakouts i have to heal. The truth is girls (and guys for that matter) No lotion is going to make your skin clear and flawless overnight.


I’m not going to lie to you, thats not how it works. Just like one use of a hair growth shampoo doesn’t lead to you waking up looking like Rapunzel when the day before you had a Ruby Rose pixie cut. Or taking a slimming aid will make you drop 2 dress sizes in 24 hours. Apologies for bursting your bubble but it is important to know that these things take time, spots need time to heal, and for your skin to recover it’s impossible to obliterate a spot that quick.

But Skin Genius don’t lie to you, they don’t rave about overnight clearance. They promote their kind to skin, natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals for effective clearing of spots, pimples and acne. And within 4 weeks the difference will be dramatically visible. How do i know? I have read a tonne of reviews and seen the before and after pictures. In fact they’ve worked along with Britains next top model and had of few of the girls write a review. Basically they base theirselves on the achievement of their customers.


Lots of love
A x

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  1. Bella Bee March 16, 2016 / 7:09 am

    I like the natural ingredients bit… I’m always looking for new skincare that won’t leave my skin in worse condition!

  2. thisbeautylover March 16, 2016 / 2:10 pm

    Having problematic skin myself, this was a great read! Love your blog sweetie! XXX

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