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Good evening honey!

Apologies for no post yesterday, my schedule is all over the place. I’m supposed to upload a new post every other day but i’ve been uploading every day and skipping days. I was supposed to post this yesterday but my wifi wouldn’t work and my hands were numb. I’ve had no heating and my house has been 10 degrees. I’m really surprised i haven’t turned into an ice block. I’ve been so cold it’s unreal. In fact after typing this if my fingers don’t fall off then i will be shocked. Right, now i have released my inner drama queen i need to firstly say happy Sunday! My fave day of the week, it consists of me, my laptop and my duvet. Oh and happy valentines day my beauties! I hope you have all had a spectacular day, whether you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend or treating yourself for being the perfect princess/prince you are.

So i spent the last couple of days away, i shared with you my very wonderful presents from my fiancé. Well the next day i went into the city for some retail therapy. I visited the MAC store which is why i am bringing this mini haul post to you.  The last time in visited the store was a week before christmas, on a Thursday night, it was jam packed with people  rushing around to find those perfect makeup gifts and last minute treats. Because it was so busy and i couldn’t move i decided to go back another time. Saturday it was literally empty, it was nearly 5 and i didn’t feel extremely claustrophobic. Last time i felt like a tinned sardine. (I need to find better comparisons)

I was lucky enough to get a makeover by one of the artists. I must say he was spectacular. My makeup was on fleek! He was so friendly and helpful, lets be honest some counter staff can be intimidating at the best of times. With the MAC store that isn’t an issue. If you’re reading this Paul then thank you, you’re fab!

I decided to buy three of the products he used. If i had the money i would have bought every single item of makeup i could get my hands on. I bought:

  • Studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation – £25.50
  • Mineralize skin finish highlighter in soft & gentle – £24
  • Strobe cream mini size –  £10  




Before applying my foundation he used the strobe cream which i’ve heard so many fab things about. It’s a moisturising base you can use alone or under makeup. What i love about it is that it isn’t really shimmery with loads of pigmentation. It leaves more of a dewy glow, but no glitter effect. It makes skin so fresh and healthy, i love it! I couldn’t afford to buy the fulIMG_1017l size product which is priced at £24.50. It’s not highly expensive, i would say around mid range but closer to higher than lower range. I decided to buy the travel size because i really needed this product. It looks gorgeous. So when i saw the deluxe mini range i bought it in a heartbeat. So i never really realised that it was MAC, who come up with the whole strobe cream idea before it became a massive trend setter

Next he appIMG_1021lied foundation which was what I originally went in to get. I don’t know why but i just felt like trying something new, i had never used a MAC foundation so was quite eager to try one. This studio sculpt one was what the assistant suggested for me as i have dry skin, want full coverage and glowing, dewy skin. It feels like silk on my skin. The coverage is on point. He applied it with the MAC 180 Buffing brush which is fairly similar to the Sigma F80 brush. Which is priced around £27. The Sigma brush is priced at £16.55.

Finishing up on my face he asked if i use highlighter, well duh of course i do honey! I’m in love with them. They won my heart a long time ago. He suggested the mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. As you all know my all time holy grail highlight is the Mary lou-manizer but i’m afraid to say it’s been knocked off the top by MAC. That’s right, i have a new fave! Its so pigmented and light. You don’t need to much and it is just gorgeous. At £24 it’s worth the money, the lou-manizer is £15 so the price difference isn’t too bad, about £9. IMG_1012

The  next products i’d like to buy which was also used on me that day is the mineralize blusher, the studio concealer and 180 buffing brush. I must say my experience and MAC was extremely pleasant, so if you’re reading this Paul, big thank you!

Have you used any of these items? would love to know if you like them, or what products you recommend. Keep in touch lovely!

Lots of love

Abbey xo






  1. The Moore The Merrier February 15, 2016 / 1:46 am

    Poor thing! Hopefully you get some heat in your place soon! You don’t wanna get sick! BTW great post! I myself have never used any mac foundation so it was good to get your outlook on it.

    • littlebeautyblogxo February 15, 2016 / 6:42 pm

      We’ve had some heating now, but it’s still so cold! Thank you so much lovely, glad you found it helpful! x

  2. thegoodeyebrow February 16, 2016 / 3:13 am

    I LOVE soft and gentle. That was the first MAC product that I ever bought

  3. mintberrydubai February 16, 2016 / 8:44 am

    MAC Studio Scuplt Foundation is so good and great for combination to dry skin stypes!! I use it every other day. 🙂

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