Lush Mask Of Magnaminty, Possibly The Best Face Mask Ever?

As you all know my birthday was on Sunday, which may i just say i had an amazing day. Thank you all for the birthday messages. On the Monday i ventured into the city to treat myself to a few bits for the holiday with my birthday money. But then i saw the Lush store and just had to buy myself a little non holiday treat. That’s when i picked up the mask of magnaminty, the sales assistant was telling me about how it really helps spot prone skin and i just had to buy it. Please take my money!

The next night i used it for the first time. It was a strange thick chunky texture which i wasn’t used to but i didn’t really mind to be fair. It made it almost a scrub when i washed off. It smelt really strong, i personally loved the smell but my best friend wasn’t so sure. I guess we all have different preferences. I don’t mind the smell of mint, i find it seriously refreshing and invigorating.

18405524_120332000698778948_433846879_o (1).jpg


The only downside i have and it is only a little one. When i wiped my hands off after applying it was really sticky. But to be fair i didn’t use water which was probably why. Lesson learnt kids, wash your hands properly! When i rinsed it off my face i wasn’t finding my face sticky at all. *cringes as types*

My skin felt seriously amazing once i’d dried my face. it was soft and almost tingly, that kinda invigorating feeling if you get what i mean? It felt nice, so nice. If you have blemish prone skin or even oily skin then you seriously need to try this. I’ve used two times now and my skin feels amazing. I snap chatted a picture of the mask and my sister was like oh my god that stuff is amazing. I was like i know right!


  Have you tried this mask? 

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