Little Spring Pick Me Ups

At this time of year, it feels like it’s been winter forever, am i right? The central heating is cranked right up high, not to mention day after day it’s steely grey skies and drizzle. If like me you’re in need of an urgent spring boost, follow these simple beauty pick-me-ups that will leave you feeling amazing!.


  1. Exfoliate

There’s nothing like a good scrub with your favourite exfoliator to slough away those dead skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. Opt for a creamy shower gel and lather up. Now gently rub the skin in a circular motion with a loofah or bath mitt. Rinse thoroughly. When dry, apply a moisturising body cream liberally.


  1. Banish Chapped Lips

One of the drawbacks of the cold weather is chapped lips. They feel sore and uncomfortable, and they don’t look great. Invest in a sugar scrub stick to gently remove peeling skin. Then apply a protecting lip balm.

  1. Restore Your Hair

Cold weather, central heating, and excessive styling can have a drying effect on hair. So, as part of your spring beauty process, think about restoring the moisture. If you haven’t had a trim for a few months, book one now to cut away any dry or split ends. Use a shampoo to get rid of buildup and hydrate your hair. Use a conditioner to lock in the moisture. Your hairdryer is also a key component. If you feel you’re ready for an upgrade swot up on the different types. Sites like Oomphed! will provide you with reviews of different models for different hair types. Choosing a model designed specifically for your hair will make all the difference when it comes to styling.

Going into a different season, there’s often the temptation to change your look completely. But, if you don’t fancy a whole new hairstyle, there are lots of small changes you can make to give you a different look:

  • Change the volume starting at the root and building outwards
  • Swap the position of your parting
  • For mid and long length hair, experiment with different styles
  • Go au naturel and let the curls roam free
  • Change your colour



  1. Moisturising

During spring and summer, your skin needs less intensive hydration, and so it makes sense to change your moisturiser. In the winter months skin needs protection from the elements, and so a heavier cream or lotion works best. Go for a lighter alternative as the seasons change. Make sure you opt for a formula with SPF protection.

  1. Watch Some Tutorials

The best makeup professionals are constantly learning. They experiment with new products, colours, trends, etc. and are not afraid to share their wisdom. When you find a makeup style and colour palette that work for you, there’s a temptation to stick to it. But the same old style day in and day out can get a little stale. Before spring kicks in, check in with your favourite beauty bloggers and watch some tutorials. Look for new products and techniques that work for you. Even subtle changes can make all the difference.
We still have a good few weeks of winter left and a little more cold and drizzle. Now is the ideal time to up your beauty regime and get your skin and makeup ready for spring/summer 17.

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    • Abbey February 15, 2017 / 2:52 pm

      I’m the exact same! Warm weather come at me! Xx

    • Abbey February 15, 2017 / 2:52 pm

      I personally really like it because it’s a real scrubby scrub if that makes sense! X

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