Lets be Frank,Frank body scrub that is!

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Tonights post is rather late. I will get a schedule sorted i promise!

So lets be frank, frank body scrub that is! If you haven’t heard about this body scrub, let me fill you in. The web was taken by storm when this scrub first came about. With Instagram selfies covered from head to toe in this divine stuff. Or DIY recipes on creating your own. And it is simple to make yourself but its not quite the same. So what is this heavenly scrub everyones talking about? Well it’s simply a body scrub made with organic coffee. It smells gorgeous and feels even better. Based in Australia this brand now do skin care products too which i need to try! It isn’t tested on animals before you worry! And all ingredients are natural. I have wanted to buy this for so so long and i finally got round to ordering some on Monday morning, and it arrived today. So delivery is quite fast, and must i mention free! If there’s one thing i don’t love more than anything it is free delivery! Okay so lets talk price wise. IMG_1197.jpgThis scrub is only £11.99 which is quite cheap. Boots have recently started selling a similar version to this and that one is £15.99 so i would highly recommend this one! These scrubs are meant to be great for reducing scars and the appearance of stretch marks. I haven’t used it yet but i will do a review i promise!

I fell in love with this whole idea completely, if you don’t want to buy this product or you are unsure then you can easily make your own. Heres how:

Find yourself a jar to store your scrub, its a lot easier trust me! I used a jug the first time and my house mates weren’t quite sure why i was taking a jug to the shower with me! Plus you can use it more then once. You’ll need: 

-Brown sugar

You don’t have to use all these ingredients but i do because i love soft skin. As long as you have one solid and one liquid it will work. And all you need to do is mix them together. You can’t really go wrong, theres no set recipe. Be warned, its messy and best to use in the shower or bath. It literally goes everywhere! And tastes quite nice too!IMG_1184.jpg

So going back to the frank scrub, i think their website is so cute and when they send you an email its like, your orders on a boat, or a bike or even a plane. It’s so thoughtful and fun to buy!! I would love to know if you have ever used this scrub or even made your own. You know what to do ladies!

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