Is It Acceptable To Meet Your Loved One On Social Media?

22404183_1869691340026466_769020381_oHey my loves,

I’ve been recently wondering whether modern technology has changed the way we find love. In this day and age we have apps such as tinder, Yellow and a vast majority of dating sites. Not to mention social media such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. These days we don’t even need to leave our front door to meet someone. It’s all there on our laptops, smart phones and tablets. I find that pretty amazing but also pretty scary. You have the ability to talk to anyone you like without knowing a single thing about them and in some cases even how they look.

This topic is going to have pro’s and con’s for both. The internet can be dangerous and if gotten into the wrong hands can be deadly. That’s why I urge you to be safe on the internet. Don’t accept a friend request from someone with no mutual friends and a profile picture of a car. It’s bound to be dodgy. Don’t meet someone without letting someone else know where you are. You’re meeting a complete stranger so someone needs to know your whereabouts. Make sure you’re In a public setting where other people are. Be safe.

But there Is also pro’s, social media can be amazing for meeting new people. I’ve made friends through Instagram. twitter and Facebook. I’ve also met my boyfriend through Facebook. We’ve been together nearly six months and now live together. I have a very happy life with him. I know other people who have even married someone they met online. It can be a truly amazing and beautiful thing if done properly.

I guess what I’m saying is yes, it is acceptable to meet someone online. But be safe too, be smart and savvy. Be safe. But most of all have fun, meet new people and build new friendships.

A x

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  1. candice October 11, 2017 / 8:30 am

    I met my fiance on a dating app, you just have to be careful not everyone are bad

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Julia October 11, 2017 / 11:50 am

    I met my boyfriend through Facebook… well, technically we had mutual friends but if it wasn’t for Facebook we never would have started talking. We’re nearing our 4 year anniversary. 🙂 I say, go for it! But as you say, do be careful. There a dodgy people out there.

    Julia x

  3. Shana October 11, 2017 / 12:12 pm

    Yes it is right for some people, also the profile picture and account could be fake.
    Be careful of the not just the information on your account but also your photos as they give a lot more info than you think they give away where you hang out, live, your family, friends,where you work and so much more. When you meet someone have a back up plan with your family/mates always choose a public place you feel safe in but not where you normally go because if it doesn’t work out they know your normal place to socialise and don’t leave that place to go to another as that leaves you in potential danger. Unfortunately there are a lot of unsavoury characters out there that could troll, stalk and put you and your family at risk so please be very careful.
    But on a lighter note there is also many good people out there as well and they won’t mind you taking precautions they will probably think more of you for being safe. So enjoy!!!

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