Indeed Labs Hydraluron Booster Serum

Hey honey,

Recently i won the Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Booster Serum in a Twitter giveaway hosted by the lovely Anna over at, you should totally check out her blog, it’s wonderful. This is the second giveaway i’ve won and i feel seriously lucky right now. So i thought i’d write a little review post on the serum after i’ve used it a few times.

I’ve used a face mask by Indeed a year or two ago i think but in all honesty i can’t remember too much about it. So it’s like a first time try for me. I was really excited to try this serum because my skin seriously lacks moisture. I don’t know whether my skins dry or dehydrated but either way, when i wash my face or get out the shower my skin feels so tight and uncomfortable. I seriously do hate it. So i’ve been using this when i get out of the shower after i’ve toned my face using the Simple Toner.


Once applied my skin feels visibly plumper, if that’s the right word to use? Once i’ve left it to sink in for a couple minutes i go on with my Simple Anti – Blemish Moisturiser which isn’t the greatest for my skin because it doesn’t add enough moisture, but it does help with my blemishes. To buy this serum it would cost around £24.99 although it’s currently on offer at Boots!

I think it’s a fantastic product, i love what it does and how it leaves my skin feeling so much better and healthier. It’s quite pricey but it’s totally worth it. If i could afford to regularly buy this product then i so would. The price is the only negative comment i have really. There’s no other cons i can say. The product is fab.

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