I finally got a new phone!

Hey there lovelies,

So todays post was meant to be a review on sanctuary spa but i lost the photos, and its now too dark to re take them because it’s dull weather and my studio light broke. Right now i could cry, i don’t seem to be having any luck today. I’m feeling incomplete without my lighting, wear i live isn’t exactly the sunniest of areas and it was an angel sent from heaven, the halo to my camera! (It was a ring light, see what i did there?) Nope, i tried.

Disclaimer: this is not me bragging or gloating in any way, simply sharing with you what phone i have and what apps i like to use

So i’m bringing tomorrows post forward to today, which is not the usual type of post i do but i thought i would share with you my little victory. I got a new phone! After smashing mine a week or two ago my life has just not been the same. As simple as that sounds, my phone was a present to my last year from my boyfriend and i had done so well at keeping it smash proof. I am the most clumsy girl out there. I trip up on pavements, walk into walls, fall down the stair. Yep, it’s that bad. So how i went this long without getting a single crack or scratch is beyond me.

IMG_1089When i got a message on Thursday from EE saying i was due an upgrade, i genuinely felt like the bells were chiming. Hallelujah. EE, you was my god that day. So whilst on a mini break i went into the store and picked up the iPhone 6. By far the most expensive phone i have ever owned. I have only had decent phones for 2 years. Getting fed up of basic brick phones when i turned 18, i got my first ever contract. I bought the iPhone 4s and god i felt so lucky. A year later i got a 5c for christmas.I actually fainted when i opened it. That beautiful pink phone lasted me a year until it sadly had an accident, i was sad. *Que violins in loving memory of abbeys phone*
And that takes us to today, buying the iPhone 6 (Upgrading) Which didn’t really leave me broke. All i had to pay was a £29.99 upfront fee and £10 more a month. Will this phone last the two years? I hope so, whether it does or not is a story i don’t want to think about

Apps i use 


Instagram: This app is one of my faces, i’m pretty sure you all have it, if you don’t then i highly recommend! As well as sharing pictures with your friends and followers, you can edit photos in detail with filters, sharpening, brightness, contrast etc. By far my fave photo editor of all time, and social media platform. I have my personal account: Abbeygaillittle and my blogging account: Littlebeautyblogxo. (In case you were interested)

whitagram: This app is used pretty much everyday by me, it means you don’t need to crop your picture for instagram but have that whole gorgeous photo on show! Again it also has some editing tools.

Bloglovin’: The best app for following your fave bloggers, i haven’t quite got the hang of it yet but it is amazing and can boost your own blogs audience.

WordPress app: For blogging on the go! I use this app like ten times a day. To check my sister stats and read comments from you rather beautiful bunch.

Twitter: Tweet tweet. (Pun intended) Pretty sure you all know about this, i use it to share my blog posts and tweet random things i don’t even know why. Come on we’ve all done it. Twitter doesn’t need to know that your bus is late and it’s raining but we still post it because thats just how we roll)

Sqaureready: This app is basically a more detailed version of whitagram. With whitagram it resizes your picture and theres not a lot of choice. With this app you can move the picture around and change the size.

Facebook: Need i explain. 

VSCO: The second best editing app i own. Similar to instagram (my first) Don’t over do the filters though, i’ve made that mistake many times. A real photo quality killer.

Airbrush: The naughtiest app on the market. No not that kind of naughty, behave! Got a pimple? Dark circles? Scar? Have no fear this app will be your best friends. Smooth skin, remove blemishes and conceal. You can even give yourself a tan and make parts of yourself smaller. I only use this app when i have major bad acne or like when i cut my face. Which is still visible! (cries) 

Dropbox: A little like iCloud but safer. Saves all your photos onto the app so you can access off another device. Makes a great backup. I recently used to transfer all my photos onto my new phone. It was so much easier then tediously using bluetooth to get  them across.

Face tune: Also a good airbrush app, but i use for the lighting effects because i like white photos as you can tell.

veleza: I have only just downloaded this app so i haven’t got much to say apart from what it is. An app where you can see reviews of  beauty products and a little inspo. I’ve only used it once but it does seem great. A cute little network of beauty lovers.

Depop: I do love a good bargain, depop is a second hand selling site like eBay. I’ve bought a few clothes items and makeup items off this. I do love it. Although i only buy makeup thats new, or tried once. And clothes that are like new. It’s great if you’re on a budget (Like me) I did sell some things in the summer to earn a few extra pounds.

Vinted: Very similar to depop. I’ve only bought one or two things off here and sold a few items. i recently re downloaded but not seen anything i fancy. Not as good as depop personally. I’m not too sure why i have it!

And thats it, let me know what apps you use! I really feel like downloading some new ones. Hope you enjoyed reading, and as usual lots of love,

Abbey xo

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  1. sophie15samantha February 16, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    I have the iPhone 6, I got it went it came out. And as great as it is, I am also a really, really clumsy person. So basically, I’ve dropped my phone so many times that now I struggle to get strong wifi. And I can’t get wifi in some parts of my house anymore. It’s all because I’ve damaged the ariels or something on my phone. So yeah heads up get a case for your phone or just don’t drop it as much as I have haha xx

    • littlebeautyblogxo February 17, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      Thank you for the advice lovely! I think i need an industrial one! haha xx

  2. Allison February 16, 2016 / 7:53 pm

    Yay for new phones!! That’s just the best! I’m also working on a post about my favorite apps! Instagram WordPress and FaceTune are all on my list too!! Although I have seen photos where people get a little crazy with the “smoothing” effect and it’s like come on, no one looks like that. Lol! Great post 🙂

  3. M February 16, 2016 / 9:21 pm

    As a fellow iPhone 6 owner, I say good choice 🙂 x

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