I Am Women By Timeless Beauty, My Fave Scent?!

I have recently began to become a true perfume addict. I’m a girl obsessed. I own around 6 perfumes which to some of you may not seem like a lot but for a girl who has never been into scents this is a big deal. I used to think deodorant was the only thing i needed. I now cringe at that thought. What is a girl without her lush perfume?! It truly is my new best friend. Today i’m talking about my new fave scent which i think you should totally check out if you love to smell classy!

If you read my posts a lot then you will know that I’ve written a fair few posts about Timeless Beauty by Joan Collins. Well, no surprise this is another one! The lovely guys at Alex Silver PR sent me this absolutely wonderful perfume which I’ve been using for over a week now.



The bottle is really dainty which i love because it can fit better into your handbag if you wanted to take it with you on your travels for a quick spritz. It’s also a beautiful bottle too, it shows elegance and simplicity. When i use this perfume i actually feel like a true lady! Something i don’t come across as to many people though haha!

It smells like one of those gorgeous perfumes you’d be able to smell when walking through the beauty department of House Of Fraser, you know? That designer scent that you just fall in love with. It smells truly beautiful. Like a perfect classy summer evening smell.

Joan Collins is seriously inspirational with these gorgeous products, I’ve loved every one I’ve used. I don’t have a bad word to say about her beauty products and no that’s not because i have been sent them. I use her products everyday and i will do for a long time.

What’s your thoughts on this perfume? 

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