How to: Elongated ponytail 

Good evening gorgeous!

Tonight’s blogpost is about creating an elongated ponytail. It makes your hair appear thicker and longer. I love this because I have super thin hair 😩  it’s so quick and easy, takes no more than ten minutes depending on how long you take, I know I take ages because I like it to look neat. I think it looks sleek and elegant, perfect for any occasion.

You will need: 

  1. Two hair bands
  2. A hairbrush/ comb
  3. hairspray (optional)

Firstly you want to split your hair into two sections. This needs to be done vertically. Tie your self two pony tail, one a little night the the other. The bottom ponytail needs to be placed around the nape of your neck. I like to then back comb both sections at the root slightly to give my hair a little more volume. Then hair spray to keep in place. This works with almost any hair too!


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Abbey xo

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