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Good evening wonderful!

Tomorrow is 2016, That means 365 new pages of your life to create

So 2015 is nearly over and 2016 is almost here. Another year has been and gone and I’m feeling hopeful for the year ahead. Whilst most of you are currently getting ready for a night full of celebration and drinks, i’m taking this time to look back on the year and share with you my thoughts.abbeygailjanexo_full

I went into 2015 with my fiancé, at that point we wasn’t engaged, he asked me to marry him a few weeks later. We spent new year in a hotel looking over bristol watching the fireworks. It was perfect. We also went to London and bristol again for valentines day. 10371372_1516409362021334_5570342014855308752_n

I can safely say its been a rocky year but also one of the best of my life. We haven’t had the greatest of luck at times but we’ve been grateful for what we have. Ive cherished the moments spent with him.

12065730_1491180644544206_3857058411981020272_nIn the summer we spent a lot of time at the beach. It was our happy place. Every evening we would drive there whilst the sun was setting and have romantic walks and meals on the front. I loved swimming in the sea whilst he watched me and laughed thinking i was crazy. Then we’d sit and watch the sun go down cuddled up in a blanket feet hanging over the edge. He taught me how to skateboard along the sea front and we was so happy!


I think i’ve pretty much spent my whole year with James, we’ve been inseparable. We’ve both been poorly in the year and times got tough but as long as we had each other we was happy.

I went to my nieces christening which was wonderful, both my nieces are just a bundle of joy and so precious.

I’ve pushed my limits at times and I’ve been proud. I’ve worked through anxiety and went way out my comfort zone, i’ve met some amazing people and made some wonderful memories. Ive learnt who my true friends are and i’ve learnt some valuable lesson.

And of course i created this wonderful blog. Which i am so proud of. I love to make a difference and write posts everyday. It really has been amazing hearing from you guys, thank you so much!

Usually i make resolutions and not stick to them, so this year I’m making new year don’ts. Which are things i won’t be doing.Which are:

  • Not to ever doubt myself, believe and you will achieve
  • Not to take things to heart when mean things are said
  • Not to take life for granted, you only get one and its special.
  • Not to worry over little things and be happy.

I hope everyone has an amazing new year and a fab night!

Love always

Abbey xo


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