Happy Christmas to all the blogesphere

Hey there my lovelies! 

First of all happy Christmas, hope everyone had an amazing day and ate loads of cake!. For me the last three days have been super busy, from Christmas parties to 6am sale shopping on Boxing Day! It’s been a blast but now it’s time to continue blogging and attempt a diet after going a stone! 

A few blog posts coming up this week are 

  • What I got for Christmas 
  • Clarins review 
  • New Year’s Eve makeup look
  • Sale shopping. Where to go

Basically Today is rest day for me as I’m absolutely shattered so I apologise for the not so fun post, I’ve also been with my fiances family so not a lot time to write a truly awesome post I’m afraid. 


Me and my fiancΓ© had a lovely Christmas Eve party with his family and their friends, brilliant kick start to the celebration on Christmas Day. 

Was lovely meeting new people and seeing those I’d previously met. I love how I’m made to feel like one of the family. They’re all so lovely and kind! Today I met his other grandparents and again super lovely! What about you guys?  Do you get nervous meeting new people? 

For some people it’s a daunting thought, I’m one of those. I worry what they’ll think or if they like me but… Just remember it’s completely okay to get a little nervous and they are probrably feeling the same. 

A blog post about coping with anxieties and those scary situations will be posted soon! Let me know what you’d like it to include, my emails abbeylittle@hotmail.co.uk. Would love to hear from you.

Christmas Eve outfit: 

  • Boho “I was like a child at Christmas!” – Topshop
  • Glitter jumper – river island 
  • Feather trimmed skirt – boohoo
  • Glitter tights- H&M 

This was the outfit I wore for the Christmas Eve party. I’m glitter obsessed at the minute. 


Lots of love, 

Abbey xo

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