Getting cosy This Winter With Hunkemöller


Hey my loves!

Todays post is getting me all cosy just while typing. It’s all about getting snug this winter. To do just that I was kindly sent this gorgeous Onesie by Hunkemöller I genuinely can’t wait for the colder weather and snuggly PJS and loungewear. Is there any better feeling than getting home from walking out in the bitter cold, making a cuppa and getting into your fave loungewear. Oh man I wanna be In this onesie right now. I only took It off to wash because I’ve basically been living In It. Trust me you would too if you knew just how comfy and soft It really is.



When this parcel arrived I thought why put a onesie In a cardboard box. Surely It doesn’t need one? But when I opened this little treasure trove I understood why. On the inside was a seriously cute message and pink and white striped design. I wanted to keep the box so bad. It’s beautiful.

I love the festive print and the grey colour. It looks absolutely beautiful. It has two pom poms and a faux fur lined hood which makes It even more snug. The material Is super soft and cosy. It’s quite thin but I really don’t notice and In a way I kind of prefer It. Who else here hates getting boiling In a thick fluffy onesie and end up tying it around your waist?? Not with this one. It will keep you warm but not too hot. It’s a seriously beautiful creation. Especially If like me you like to light the fire and chill by it. (and post on snapchat too of course)



Have you ever bought from this brand or even plan to after reading this post? For £34.99 It’s a little pricey but for the quality It Is 100% worth It. I’d definitely buy another. It keeps It’s condition when It washed and tumbled and will last a lot longer.

Check out their products here!

Stay cosy!

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  1. candice October 18, 2017 / 12:54 pm

    This is so cool, I love being comfortable and just cosing up in winter

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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