Get ready for summer :: Wardrobe essentials

Get ready for summer __ Wardrobe essentials

Hey Gorgeous, Summer is just around the corner, crazy right? The years going so quickly, ahhh where is the time going?! 

Hope you’ve had a fab bank holiday!

Todays post is a back to basics kinda post. It’s all well and good having a huge wardrobe jam packed full of gorgeous clothes but come on?! Sadly not all of us are as lucky. Me, yeah that’s right, i’m thinking of me right now. I’ve got like 0 clothes that fit me because i’ve put on the pounds over winter. Sad, sad times. So i’m planning a summer wardrobe shopping list so i can go into town, buy the essentials and kick summers ass. Uh huh, that’s what i’m talking about. Let’s boss this shit.

When it comes to essentials theres a guideline. One of everything. Well the things that are important, not the things you see and think ooh that’s cute. I need it. One of everything you need is gonna have to do when on a budget. Let’s talk about how you can add some sass, glam and love  into your wardrobe for a price you love.


A bardot: I love off the shoulder tops, even if my boobs are way to big for this love. I think they look pretty, summery and fresh. My favourite is this plain white one from New Look, It’s £8.99 and looks gorgeous. The reason i chose white is because we’re going for a versatile wardrobe, can be worn with several outfits, dressed up or down.




A strappy vest: A vest top is ultimate essential for me, they can be worn under tops or on it’s own. Added with some jewellery and a pair off jeans, your simple yet elegant. Perfecto. The one i like is from Boohoo and is £5.oo. You can buy cheaper from places like Primark.



A Jersy tee: Lastly for tops, a tee. Whether it’s slouchy or fitted whatever you prefer. I like this printed tee from H&M priced at £7.99. I think it would look great with jeans and shorts. Maybe even a skirt. Versatile baby!




The Jeans: I live in jeans, which is weird because i always used to avoid them. Hey, times change right?! Now when it comes to buying a pair of jeans, i personally think you need a good quality pair that will last. It might not be the same for others, this isn’t a rule book or do’s and don’ts but jeans from shops like primark tend to last me like, a month. I now buy one pair that will be slightly more pricey but will last longer. In a way i’m saving. I like this pair from topshop priced at £45.00. I know it’s pricey but they last me ages. If i buy 5 pairs of primark ones because they literally last me a few times before going out of shape then i’ve basically spent over £50 by doing that.


The Shorts: It’s gonna be summer, let’s be honest. We like our legs out to get that gorgeous tan (If the sun shines and you’re not a vampire like me) And because we don’t wanna be hot and sweaty right? I chose a pair of denim shorts because they can be smart and casual. Usually i buy a fabric pair from primark for ultimate comfort too for like £4.00. The pair of denim shorts i chose are these ones from Boohoo priced at £15. I like the crotchet detail, would look gorgeous on holiday.



The skirt: A skirt that goes with everything is great, especially when on a budget or only buying the core basics. For that reason alone, i chose a plain black skater skirt from missguided priced at £10.00. It’s a scuba material and again, is so versatile, Perfect for nights out and during the day. A white option would be perfecto too, and if you want, buy both, blooming handsome!




The plain and simple: I love plain, simple dresses. They’re awesome. It’s all about accessorising. Adding a necklace, jacket and pair of shoes, whether it’s converse, ankle boots or strappy heels. Make that dress show your personality! I chose this one from Boohoo priced at £12.00. Of course it’s bardot, i’m loving bardot. Ahhh it’s such a pretty style. But you could choose a plain skater dress or a wrap dress. Whatever you love most.



The Jacket: Right, lastly.. The jacket. Because it’s summer i don’t wanna go buy some thick coat. But then again i want something that i can wear with everything. For this reason i chose a denim jacket from boohoo priced at £25.00. It goes with every item i’ve chosen in the previous categories and i just love the look.



I’m not adding shoes to this post because it would go on for a long time, if you’ve read this far then seriously well done! It was a big one today. Hope it was worth reading and you haven’t just wasted 5 minutes of your life you’ll never get back (I hope not!)

Lots of love

A x




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  1. Tessa May 2, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    The first one is my favorite! I really want to buy an off the shoulder top, but i didn’t had the time to go to the malls! After my finals, I am going to look for one for sure. Love this post, I got very inspired 🙂

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