Fun Ways to Drastically Change Your Entire Appearance

Every now and then, we all desire change in our lives. More often than not, that change is inspired not by a life event, but a need to actually be different than our normal selves. Perhaps it’s that time of the year where we’re more accepting of changes, or maybe you just want to stand out and be a little different for a while by embracing your imperfections instead of trying to hide them. Whatever your reasoning, here are a couple of ways to drastically change the way you look like a new (or different) you.

Search Your Closet

Your closet probably houses some of the most embarrassing clothing items that you’ve ever worn. However, if you take a look at your wardrobe a couple of years later, then (assuming you haven’t put on or lost weight) you might find yourself staring at some fashion gems that you can’t wait to wear. If you haven’t been through your entire closet for a long time, then don’t neglect the possibility that you’ll find something unique, special and severely underrated.

Dye Your Hair

Want a completely new look? Then why not consider dying your hair? Hair dye can take a long time to work into the roots and, depending on the type of colour you want, it may take several applications to complete. If you’re unsure how to go from one shade to another, then consider speaking to a stylist for advice on how to transition your hair colour. It’s a great way to stand out if you pick a wild colour, and you’ll look completely different if you add in a new hairstyle as well. Just keep in mind that not every hair colour works for everyone, so pick wisely!

Give Yourself a New Look

If you want a completely new look, then don’t forget to give your entire makeup routine an overhaul. You may also want to consider a service such as The Face Surgeons for plastic surgery if you want to modify existing parts of your face to get yourself one step closer to perfection. Keep in mind that plastic surgery can be expensive, but the fees have dropped considerably since its inception in the beauty market.


Change Your Eyes (Not literally)

Where’s the first place you look when you meet someone? Their eyes, of course! Changing up your eyes can involve some pencil, new lashes (perhaps even fake lashes) and eye shadow. The combination of makeup you use will generally depend on what type of look you want to achieve, just try to make it a little different to what you’re normally used to. This means deviating from the standard routine in order to create something new, wild or even outrageous.

Go on a Diet

If you really want to transform your appearance, then consider a diet. Whether it’s to lose weight or put on extra weight, don’t neglect the importance of your inner health because it really does dictate what your outside appearance will look like. Whether you’re putting on weight or cutting it, changing the size of your body is perhaps one of the most drastic ways to change your entire appearance

P.s Remember you’re perfect the way you are!

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