Freedom Makeup priming spray review.


Hey there sweetie!

Today i thought i’d share with you my thoughts and first impressions of the Freedom Pro studio priming water. To begin with i’d like to state this is dupe alert! I think this is similar to the Smashbox cosmetics photo finish primer water. They do the exact same thing and the price difference is huge! I bought this product from Superdrug but you can buy off their website: freedom makeup london.


My first impressions of this was i have to buy it. It looks appealing to the eye. I love the silver packaging and the simplicity of it. This prices at around £7 and to me that is so affordable. I personally prefer priming water to primers. They’re quick and easy and give you a perfect base for your makeup.

I was so excited to use this product and i wasn’t disappointed. I had recently ran out of my mac prep n prime spray and needed another urgently. I felt like trying something different, even though i do love prep n prime and it will take some beating. I must say this came pretty close. It smells lush. I think it smells like amaretto but that might just be me. What do think it smells like? Either way it’s divine! It feels hydrating when you spray onto your face, like it is actually doing something not just sitting on your skin. It helped my foundation blend in perfectly and didn’t just sit on the surface.

Would i buy this item again or recommend? Hell yes! It’s so good and great price. Great dupe and works amazing. I have dry skin and it definitely helped with dry patches which foundation and powder tend to cling to.

All of the makeup Freedom stock is amazing quality and affordable prices. They do everything that dupes high end. For example ABH dip brow pomade and contour palette. The pomade is £5 and the contour kits are £10 and i think they come with a brush too.

The next item of theirs i’d like to try is their brush cleaner. Its like a balm you wipe your brushes around with and again under £10.

Would love to know if you like this brand, i think it’s fairly new as i had never heard of it before but will definitely be using lots of it!

As always, lots of love

Abbey xo





  1. missfxx January 21, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    How is this exactly like Makeup Revolution London?

      • missfxx January 21, 2016 / 9:53 pm

        The site is the same, prices are basically the same, just the brand is different. I am amazed 😀 Even the packaging for a lot of things is similar. Have to try this one out!

  2. ayrgalaxy January 21, 2016 / 7:35 pm

    That’s interesting. I had never heard of priming water/spray until now.

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