Fleur de force is AMAZING. Mini haul!! 

So a while back I ordered a few things from feel unique that were from the range fleur de force does. For those who don’t know she is a very talented vlogger, check her out on YouTube, I love her videos! Anyway two of which was the eyeshadow palette that came in my advent calendar actually (which I gave in temptation and opened every door in one night, shameful I know)  and the makeup bag which reminds me of a unicorn wonderland  ( hence I love it so much). Then my fiancé bought me the glam guide book as an early present which I loved and read within 2 days.  

It’s like my glam bible! It is jam packed with makeup tips, hair ideas, health and fitness, fashion, skincare tips etc. A must for any girl. The part which I found incredibly helpful was her chapter on self confidence. I found it enlighting and helped me a a lot. I found her whole book so insiring and I honestly idiolise her. So many of her tips I have tried and loved, and specially her tip for making a longer ponytail! Which you’ll have to read yourself 😉 only joking! 

*split your hair into two vertical sections so you have two ponytails. One at the nape of your head and one a little higher so the top one covers the lower one giving the impression your hair is longer*

She gives such amazing ideas which are easy to do yourself and you’ll end up loving! She tells you how she applies her makeup and says that this isn’t a rule book, makeup is about what you like best which I love. She isn’t saying what’s right or wrong. Which makes the book feel more personal to you. Not leaving you worrying because you have always done different to what she’s saying. 

The eyeshadow quad, well that’s just the best eyeshadows ever. The shades are nice and neutral. Matte and shimmer. I use it everyday because the colours are perfect for day makeup and night makeup. I like to use the lights brown as my transition shade, further deepen it with the darkest. Use the brown shimmery shade in the outer corner of my eye fading into my transition and the lighter shade on the lids. If I’m feeling super glam I run one of the darker shades across my bottom lash line. 


All I can say is I highly recommend these products which are in feelunique.com and Fleur If you’re reading this you rock! 

Abbey xo


    • littlebeautyblogxo December 12, 2015 / 1:18 am

      I agree! She’s so inspirational! Love her range completely 😍

  1. blushitup December 11, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    I used this eyeshadow palette today! Love it 🙂

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