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Sometimes in life, we need to just face the reality of the situation and accept it. As this allows us to move on and make positive progress. In beauty terms, this means taking a long hard look at our face and deciding what we like and what we can work on. It may be that you feel your makeup is too heavy or the wrong colour. Or it may be that you know in your heart of hearts you aren’t to looking after your skin as well as you could. Either way, the post below will help you to identify areas that might not be quite right and make some positive changes.

Too much makeup

First of all, it can be straightforward to get into a sort of automatic routine with our makeup. This means we do it once or twice while paying attention to it. But then we just go into automatic pilot and slap it on without really looking.

The problem with this is that it can easily become a little off without us noticing. A great example of this is foundation colour. You get a new foundation in the winter and continue using it on into the summer season. But what we can forget when we are on autopilot is that our skin changes colour with exposing to more sunlight.


That means the foundation shade you have been using in the depths of winter isn’t necessarily the right one that you will need when you’re on your tropical holiday is the summer.

Using the wrong foundation shade can definitely make your makeup look off. It ends up looking like makeup rather than just an even version of your face. So do be careful of this as the seasons change.

Poor skin care

Another common issue is that we neglect our skin care routine. Yes I know it’s so easily to just climb into bed without taking all our makeup off properly at night, especially if you have had an exhausting day.

But this is really doing you face no favours. That is because by leaving makeup on you also allow all the dirt and grease that is on your face to sit right next to your skin all night. Something that can cause blemishes and even infections.

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It’s much better to use a moisturising cleanser and toner to keep your skin in the best condition. Β As then you have the perfect canvas on which to apply your makeup every morning.

Problem lips

For many people lips can be a real issue that stand in the way of getting the perfect face. Β This can be because they are cracked or dry, or that they aren’t in proportion with the rest of their features.

To fix the latter problem many folks overline, or use plumpers or lip injections to give them that slightly bee-stung, pouty look that is so on-trend right now.

To fix the former problem, a good exfoliating lip scrub can help keep your lips smooth all of the time. You can even make your own at home from all natural all organic ingredients.

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