Estée Lauder skincare review 

Why hello there wonderful readers.

I’ve had the chance to try two of my products from the Estée Lauder haul, that being the advanced night repair and the  revitalising supreme global anti-aging Creme.

I must say that the presentation and packaging of these products are simplistic yet luxurious. They scream out pure elegance. Especially seeing as these two particular products are smaller more of a sample version of the full sized product itself.  I really do love everything about Estée Lauder. Today I was talking to the counter assistant at boots about the amazing deals they have had on lately. The particular set I bought on Black Friday in particular. The set is usually £54 when bought with any fragrance which is in itself an amazing deal but I bought the set alone and was chuffed. Their website has great deals still on so definitely go have a look.

Any ways along with the review.. I could honestly type my life away about this product but as we all know that wouldn’t be fun to read pages and pages of me blabbing away.

The advanced night repair is somethings I’ve been wanting to try for ages and now ive finally got round buying it I can safely say it was so worth the wait. It’s fairly runny in texture but not like an oil. I put a small amount of products into my hand and gently rub it into My face like a moisturiser. It instantly makes my skin feel smooth, hydrated and dewy. My skin can be dull and dry so this is honestly perfect! I wake up with skin that fresh as a daisy. I think I may be part of my night time routine for a long time. Because of its consistency it’s perfect to use on cotton wool and wiping over the skin. It smells lovely and doesn’t feel too greasy which for me is important. I hate ge feeling of greasy skin at night when your face feels strange on your pillow. (Please tell me I’m not the only one)

The revitalising supreme creme is a moisturiser I have grown to love.  Even though I’m 19 and not exactly ageing using it morning and night has made me skin visibly softer and more revived. It’s consistency is just right, I don’t find it too thick or two thin, it glides over your skin nicely and feels fab. The best thing is you don’t need too much of it either, a little goes along way. Would love to know what you think!  There’s not a lot more I can really say apart from sing its praises! I can’t find any faults, I think Estée Lauder are amazing their packing is amazing, you get what you pay for. The quality of the product is such a high standard and I will definitely be trying more of their range.

I would love to know what sort of blog posts you guys want to see me of, comment any ideas I’d love to hear!


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