Dr Botanicals Body Exfoliating Bar Review

I’m a huge lover of soft skin. Being able to get into a bed fresh with no bedding and feeling absolutely amazing. Please tell me that i am not the only one?! How you get soft skin is up to you, my new fave is this gorgeous product which i am reviewing for you today. Trust me, you’re going to love this one!

So I was recently sent this coconut oil rejuvenating body exfoliating bar by Dr Botanicals. I wasn’t actually sent this product on a blogging basis but a review on Feefo basis. I loved it so much though that I thought I would share my thoughts with you guys. So here I am!



The bar smells absolutely gorgeous, you can seriously smell the coconut. I personally love the scent and I love coconuts, basically this product is definitely well suiting to me. It  looks like a bar of soap which in a way it kind of is apart from you use it all over your body. I’ve used a few times now and it just gets better. My legs (This Is where I’ve been using mainly) have seriously never felt so silky smooth. I can’t stop touching my legs like woo, i’m as smooth as smooth can be.

I can’t say enough how beneficial coconut oil is, It’s seriously amazing stuff. One of It’s benefits being hydrating and smoothing. (That’s actually two sorry!)

I love that It’s not a harsh exfoliator either, It’s just right. It’s more moisturising than anything. I’d definitely buy this again.

You can buy this bar here!

Have you tried this little gem before?

A x 


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