Creating Perfect, Beautiful Looking Curls

For most of us girls, our hair is our crowning glory, our pride and joy. It helps to frame our face, show personality and it’s just fun to experiment with it. Sometimes it can get a bit samey though, and we look for ways to shake it up a bit and revamp our style. For girls who have super straight hair, there are a number of ways to give your hair a bit of life and volume. Naturally curly girls can try this too, exploring with different curl patterns and styles to look and feel fab.

Curling Irons

We always seem to want what we don’t have right?. Curly girls want sleek straight locks, while girls with straight hair want bouncy ringlets.

Curling irons give you the chance to have the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for products to curl hair, there are loads of types to choose from, with different functions. Some give tight curls others give waves. With curling irons you can create different types of curl pattern. For tighter Curls make sure that you hold your iron horizontally when running it through your hair. For looser curls, hold your iron vertically.

Mousses and Sprays

We all know heat can be damaging, If you’re not keen on the idea of applying heat to your hair, you can use mousse, gels or sprays. Always prepare your hair by washing and conditioning it. Before you begin make sure it’s damp first, so you can get that effortless beach wave look. When going for a mousse, make sure to use a curling mousse, and applying a generous amount for a strong hold. Use your preferred scrunching technique to help create definition.

Keep Rolling

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Hair rollers are a fab, cost effective alternative to curling irons, but they do take a bit more effort (i know but they do look gorgeous). There are different techniques to opt for with curlers, depending on the type of curls you want . Choose between wet set rollers, hot rollers, and rollers of varying sizes and quantities depending on your hair length and thickness. As a rule of thumb, remember the larger the curler the looser the waves, so if you’re looking for super tight ringlets, opt for smaller sized rollers. Heated rollers work with all types of hair, but be careful is yours is extra thin and prone to heat damage. If your hair is naturally curly, it’s best to blow dry it straight first.

Braiding on damp hair is an amazing way to achieve natural looking waves overnight. To get this look,  start off by washing your hair and combing it through. Divide the hair into sections and try plaiting two or three french braids. Remember to keep as close to the scalp as possible. You can make the braids tight or loose depending on how curly you want your hair. In the morning, before undoing your braids, check that they are 100% dry, or the curls won’t set properly. Once they’ve dried, gently comb through your hair with your fingers, raking through and fluffing for volume, until you get the desired look you’re going for. Use strong hold hairspray to keep your style fixed in place.

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