Chin Up Mask, Hell Yes Or Oh Honey No?




Over the years there’s been some pretty different and wacky trends, but this one has to be something i can honestly say i’d never heard off. I thought it would be a bit of fun to try out and share my thoughts with you guys.

So this latest trend is face masks but rather than applying to your face, you apply to your chin. It’s aim is to reduce the appearance of a double chin. The brand i tried is called Chin Up and they refer to the mask as a non surgical face lift.


My first thought was gosh it sounded so intimidating. I get easily scared and the whole non surgical thing made my anxiety go off the rails. Like, is it gonna hurt, am i gonna be able to breathe, what if i’m allergic it’s right by my throat.. Arghhh i was going crazy. Not going to lie, i may have slightly over reacted. I tend to do that haha.

Inside the pack was two masks and a chin strap, band kind of thing. The instructions were pretty simple and easy to follow. All you do is apply the mask to your neck/ chin area and set the band in place. No word of a lie, the band felt so strange and pushed my cheeks forward so i looked like Sid off Ice Age, if you’ve not seen that film then google it. Will make your day!


It did burn the tiniest bit, whether it’s supposed to or not i don’t know because it doesn’t state on the pack. It didn’t leave any red marks or anything so it was okay. Like i said, it wasn’t anything severe. It’s supposed to reduce fat in 30 minutes so there’s bound to be some kind of tingle because otherwise it wouldn’t be working.

I didn’t take a before and after photo because to be honest, it completely slipped my mind. But i can safely say this product does what it says. Only slightly though. I noticed the smallest of differences, but hey a little is better than nothing right?! I imagine if you used every other day like they advise then the difference would be so much more visible.

All in all this whole chin mask malarky is pretty awesome but the strangest beauty related thing i’ve ever tried in my life. It was quite fun to try out and the way the mask made my face look was hilarious. Would i buy this product? Yeah i’d be willing to give it a go.

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