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May xo

May xo

Batiste Sweet And Charming Dry Shampoo

When it comes to everyday life i’m pretty much 10% tea and 90% dry shampoo. I’m terrible at washing my hair and leave it for 2 or three days, gross i know. So quite evidently i do like my dry shampoos to save my…

May 1, 2017
May xo

How to get gorgeous heatless curls!

Hey my love!Β    A while ago i done a DIY beauty hacks post and one of the tips was using a headband to get heatless curls. Since then i discovered the Aurora headband which is basically ten times better than using a plain…

June 11, 2016
May xo

Making the most of the weather | Trip to the beach

Hey my love!Β  Todays post is short and sweet and not like my usual posts on makeup or skincare etc. I thought i’d have a little chit chat and how i spent my day in the gorgeous weather. Here in the uk it was…

May 30, 2016
May xo

Self acceptance & my personal story

Hey love! So recently someone said to me ‘you’ve gained so much weight in the last 2 years’ And it had me thinking, like i was seriously stressing out. I hate change, and to think that my appearance had gone ‘downhill’ was kinda upsetting.…

May 28, 2016