Carli Bybel X BH Cosmetics Palette

Hey beauty

I’m back. I was only gone for like a day and in that time i realised blogging was taking my mind off things. Just to let you know whats been going on and why i’ve been acting so strange. My grandad has been very ill and is in hospital. After i wrote my last post i found out he’s doing a lot better than he was and my mind felt more at ease. 

Also, if you haven’t noticed my domain has changed. It’s now without the wordpress in it. Don’t ask. I made a real mess of my blog after wanting a name change, couldn’t reverse it and i lost all my stats. Absolute nightmare. My only option was to buy my own domain which is kinda good i suppose but my life, blogging everything has been an unorganised mess. 


Anyway, today i thought i would write about the beautiful Carli Bybel palette by BH Cosmetics which came in the post yesterday. That definitely cheered me up too. Makeup post is the best kind of post right?! Can i get a woop woop?! Yeah i really  need to work on my humour.

This palette has appeared to be quite poplar when it first came out and i thought i would see what the hype was all about. I’m late y’all but at least it’s now in stock all the time. Ha who’s winning now?!

Obviously Carli is an amazing vlogger, i love her videos and she is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve only ordered of BH Cosmetics a few times but the never fail to disappoint. Shipping is cheap and arrives quicker than some overseas brands. I ordered on the 10th and it was here on the 18th. Still too long for my eager self, i want things to magically come out of my laptop screen as soon as i purchase. But on the realistic side, 8 days to arrive from america isn’t bad. I was impressed.




The colours are are gorgeous shimmery browns, golds and nudes. I feel like i could just stare at them all day. The whole palette in fact is prettier than my life. I love the flower design printed on the highlights, which i must say are more like blush and bronzer. I think they’re too pink or dark for highlighter personally but they’re still fab just for a different use.

To buy, this palette prices at $20 but is currently on an offer at $12.80. Which in GBP is like £8.55 or something. Now thats a huge bargain even with the shipping fee which is around £5.53 for their ground rate. Some may say it’s personally but i’ve paid some pretty steep international rates in my time and this is one of the lowest.

The other thing i love about their site is the non stop offers. Every time I’ve gone to have a browse, there is a sale or a free gift offer. It makes me v v happy to be honest. Sometimes if you google BH Cosmetics promo code you’ll find an amazing offer using one of the codes. Try it, i’ve scored a free palette from doing this before. Worth a try, right?


Please excuse my terrible eyebrows, i usually use my ABH dip brow but i’ve lost it and i’m using eyeshadow. RIP to the fleekful brows i miss dearly. It breaks my heart.
As soon as i get paid i need to get some more from Cult Beauty before i go crazy. I’m not sure of anywhere else that sells it. I think Beauty Bay does and maybe Debenahms? When i first started buying the choice was sparse what with living in the UK, now theres so many more stockists. Yay! The links are affiliates by the way. Trying out some new blogging skills. Highly likely failing, but hey let’s roll with it.

(My necklace is from Smashglam and they’re just gorgeous by the way, had to share that)

Anyway, that’s it for todays post. Hope you enjoyed reading my post based on me rambling on like a duck and highly likely making no sense. Thats ma style yo! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you liked it then well, uh like it? I need to work on my blogging language maybe..

Lots of love
A x

ps. Don’t forget, new domain!instagram







  1. Teresa March 20, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    Hi sweetie. Congrats on the new domain! Can I just ask you, how did you find the transition to .com do WordPress help? Do all your followers automatically go with you? Are all your stats safe etc? It’s something I really want to do this year with my blog and am slightly scared by it all. xx

    • Littlebeautyblogxo March 20, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      Being 100% honest it’s been confusing. My views have gone right down but all my stats and follower etc stayed with me. I think it’s just the initial getting used to it. Hope this helps xx

      • Teresa March 20, 2016 / 7:57 pm

        Yes it does, thank you my lovely xx

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