Blogmas special – late night shopping

Greetings lovelies! 

Tonight I got my festive mood on and went late night shopping in Exeter. I thought I’d do a blog post on tonight’s wonderful happenings. 

Shopping is always been my hobby (I’m highly addicted) and I actually only spent 9£. This was in H&M which have amazing sale items at the mo by the way. I bought two necklaces for 1£ each, what a bargain! I also bought a cute gypsy style top for £7. They also had some good gifts on sale. Perfect for last minute presents. I always go straight to the divided section because it’s my favourite. Their clothes are cute, trendy and they have lots of sparkly dresses which just look so beautiful!  

I also went to topshop, miss self ridge, new look and primark. Not forgetting MAC and boots. 

I didn’t have any presents to buy because this year ( for the first time) I was all done on presents at the beginning of December, although I saw so much I’d love to buy my family. I had strong will power and didn’t buy myself a tonne of things just because they were pretty or sparkly. 

I also ventured into the new MAC store which unfortunately I wasn’t overly keen on, don’t get me wrong it was gorgeous but you have to ask staff for the item you want to buy and as its Christmas it was super busy and I waited too long so gave up. (Will go online instead) I will try after Crimbo and will hopefully have a better view.  
 My fave part was the lights and decorations, it was actually the main reason I really wanted to go. I love the sparkles and warm atmosphere, I Took my camera along and got some beautiful pictures.  

I find the street entertainment so nice, I love hearing people singing and pretty dancers with beautiful makeup lighting up the street.  It adds to the vibe so much, gets everybody in a happy mood. I like to give buskers some money for their amazing talent. 

 I did venture over to the German market which I always love. It was busy so I didn’t stay too long but it never fails to dissapoint, the smell of hog roast and sausages. Sipping mulled wine and looking at al, the pretty wooden cabins with beautiful handmade decorations and variety of gifts. It’s wonderful to feel the culture of another country. It screams Christmas vibes. It’s set in the perfect location too. Right in front of the cathedral with small quaint shops and hotels. It’s honestly breath taking. I love seeing everyone happy, spending time with loved ones and getting into the spirit. After all Christmas is all about happiness and cheer! 

Overall I had the perfect night. Had a lovely time with my family and fiancé and really got into the Christmas spirit. Never take anything for granted, be happy and spend time with those you love. 

Would love to hear your fave part of Christmas and if you’ve been late night shopping. 

Lots of love,

Abbey xo  





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